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  1. Imperium: Classics is a standalone game that contains the Carthaginian, Celt, Greek, Macedonian, Persian, Roman, Scythian, and Viking civilizations and an individual solo opponent behaving as each nation. It is also fully compatible with Imperium: Legends for players wanting to expand their pool of civilizations even further.

  2. Frank from Feuerland told in a German podcast that - expansion will not be released 2022 - main focus new cards mainly aquatic - new action cards that can be mixed with the old ones to give new challenges and variants - new actions will allow greater card cycle to keep animal symbol show

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  4. Its goal: Investigate sensitive cases and undertake delicate operations. Critical: Foundation – Season 1 is constructed like a television series, with each of the nine episodes taking 30 minutes to play. You can take on the role of Gamemaster, who directs the adventure, or play as one of the characters to put yourself in the story.

  5. Wingspan: Asia Expansion (2022) Travel to Asia to discover new birds for your aviary. 9 Rating s & 11 Comment s · GeekBuddy Analysis. 1–5 Players. Community: (no votes) 40–70 Min. Playing Time.

  6. Prove you’re the best mail carrier in town with USPS: The Great American Mail Race, a lightly strategic and family-friendly game packed with nostalgia. You now work for the beloved United States Postal Service and your mission is to deliver as much mail as possible to some of the best-named towns in America like Jackpot, Booger Hole, and Whynot!

  7. Love Letter Premium takes the familiar Love Letter game and enhances it in two different ways. First, the cards are supersized and much thicker than normal, the hearts that players claim are large and wooden, and the hard-sided box has a magnetic closure. Second, the game now plays with up to eight players thanks to the inclusion of an ...

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