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  1. Mozilla Public License - Wikipedia

    The Mozilla Public License (MPL) is a free and open-source software license developed and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation. [7] It is a weak copyleft license, characterized as a middle ground between permissive software licenses and the GNU ...

  2. Mozilla - Wikipedia

    Mozilla (stylized as moz://a) is a free software community founded in 1998 by members of Netscape. The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads and supports Mozilla products, thereby promoting exclusively free software and open standards, with ...

  3. Talk:Mozilla Public License - Wikipedia

    Mozilla Public License was nominated as a Social sciences and society good article, but it did not meet the good article criteria at the time. There are suggestions on the review page for improving the article. If you can improve it, please do; ...

  4. Category:Software using the Mozilla license - Wikipedia

    Software that uses the Mozilla Public License. Pages in category "Software using the Mozilla license" The following 35 pages are in this category, out of 35 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (). B Basilisk (web browser) ...

  5. Comparison of free and open-source software licences - Wikipedia

    This is a comparison of free and open-source software licences. The comparison only covers software licences with a linked article for details, approved by at least one expert group at the FSF , the OSI , the Debian project or the Fedora project.

  6. Public-domain-equivalent license - Wikipedia

    Public-domain-equivalent license are licenses that grant public-domain-like rights and/or act as waivers. They are used to make copyrighted works usable by anyone without conditions, while avoiding the complexities of attribution or license ...

  7. Firefox - Wikipedia

    According to the Firefox Public Data report by Mozilla, the active monthly count of Desktop clients has decreased from around 310 million in 2017 to 260 million in 2019. [269] Firefox has had much success in some countries and continues to have ...

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  8. Mozilla Open Software Patent License - Wikipedia

    The Mozilla Open Software Patent License (MOSPL) is a permissive[2] patent license developed and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation.[3][4]

  9. File:Feed-icon.svg - Wikipedia

    The uploader or another editor requests that a local copy of this file be kept. This image or media file is available on the Wikimedia Commons as File:Feed-icon.svg.While the license of this file may be compliant with the Wikimedia Commons, an ...

  10. Category:Mozilla - Wikipedia

    Mozilla Public License Mozilla Raindrop Mozilla Sunbird Mozilla Taiwan Mozilla China MozillaZine N Netscape (web browser) Netscape Portable Runtime Netscape Public License Network Security Services Nvu P Paperstorm Mozilla Prism Public Suffix ...

  1. Mozilla Public License wikipedia 相關