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  1. Semi-presidential system - Wikipedia

    A semi-presidential system or dual executive system is a system of government in which a president exists alongside a prime minister and a cabinet, with the latter being responsible to the legislature of the state.It differs from a parliamentary ...

  2. Presidential system - Wikipedia

    A presidential system contrasts with a parliamentary system, where the head of government comes to power by gaining the confidence of an elected legislature. There are also hybrid systems such as semi-presidentialism. Countries that feature a pr ...

  3. Semi-parliamentary system - Wikipedia

    Like semi-presidential systems, semi-parliamentary systems are a strongly rationalized form of parliamentary systems. After Israel decided to abolish the direct election of prime ministers in 2001, there are no national prime-ministerial systems ...

  4. Talk:Semi-presidential system - Wikipedia

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  5. Politics of France - Wikipedia

    France has a semi-presidential system of government, with both a President and a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is responsible to the French Parliament . A presidential candidate is required to obtain a nationwide majority of non-blank votes ...

  6. List of countries by system of government - Wikipedia

    Semi-presidential systems In semi-presidential systems , there is always both a president and a head of government, commonly but not exclusively styled Prime Minister . In such systems, the president has genuine executive authority, unlike in a ...

    Constitutional form
    Head of state
    Basis of executive legitimacy
    Presidency is independent of legislature
    Ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence
    Presidency independent of legislature; ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence
    Constitutional monarchy
    Ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence
  7. Parliamentary system - Wikipedia

    In a presidential system, all executive power is vested in one person, the president, whereas power is more divided in a parliamentary system with its collegial executive. In the 1989 Lebanese Taif Agreement , in order to give Muslims greater ...

  8. President (government title) - Wikipedia

    The president is a common title for the head of state in most republics. In politics, president is a title given to leaders of republican states. The functions exercised by a president vary according to the form of government. In parliamentary ...

  9. Niger - Wikipedia

    Niger's new constitution was approved on 31 October 2010. It restored the semi-presidential system of government of the 1999 constitution (Fifth Republic) in which the president of the republic, elected by universal suffrage for a five-year ...

  10. Party system - Wikipedia

    A party system is a concept in comparative political science concerning the system of government by political parties in a democratic country. The idea is that political parties have basic similarities: they control the government, have a stable ...

    • 世界上大多數國家是半總統制?政體。所謂半總統制(se ...

    • ~用英文介紹台灣簡介~<急>

      ...還有更多,一定遠遠超過你的需求的。 (Guóyǔ) Government Semi-presidential ...

    • 急 請問憲政制度 20點

      ...閣員或整體內閣不信任,個別閣員或整體內閣便需要辭職以示負責。◎半總統制(semi-presidential system),是指總統經由直選產生,而 ...

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