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    Youku is one of China's top online video and streaming service platforms, along with iQiyi, Sohu, LeTV, Tencent Video, PPTV, and Funshion. However, Youku's domination in the Chinese market was toppled by its competitor Baidu's iQiyi in 2015. [9] History

    • March 2006; 17 years ago
    • US$649.5 million (2014)
  2. YouTube Vanced (or simply Vanced, formerly iYTBP) was a modified third-party YouTube application for Android with a built-in ad blocker.

    • Vanced Team
    • xfileFIN, Laura, ZaneZam, KevinX8, MxskedDx
    • 2017; 6 years ago
    • Vanced
  3. › wiki › YūYū - Wikipedia

    Yū Yū or Yu or Yuu (ゆう, ユウ) is a very common Japanese given name used by either sex. Possible writings Yū can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: , "tenderness" or "superiority" 夕, "evening" 友, "friend" 有, "qualified" 勇, "courage" 祐, "help" 裕, "abundant" 雄, "masculine" 悠, "permanence" 由宇, "reason, eaves" 侑, "assist"

    • Unisex
    • Japanese
    • /jɯː/ (IPA)
    • It can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used.
  4. › wiki › Cha_Eun-wooCha Eun-woo - Wikipedia

    Lee Dong-min ( Korean : 이동민; born March 30, 1997), known professionally as Cha Eun-woo ( 차은우 ), is a South Korean singer and actor under the label Fantagio. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Astro . Early life Cha was born on March 30, 1997, in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

  5. Latest 13th and 14th generation Core Desktop - Raptor Lake-S Refresh (codenamed "Raptor Lake") (14th Gen)An iterative refresh of Raptor Lake-S desktop processors, called the 14th generation of Intel Core, was launched on October 17, 2023. CPUs in bold below feature ECC memory support only when paired with a motherboard based on the W680 chipset according to each respective Intel Ark product page.

  6. › wiki › Yū_AoiYū Aoi - Wikipedia

    Yu Aoi (蒼井 , Aoi Yū, born August 17, 1985) is a Japanese actress and model. She made her film debut as Shiori Tsuda in Shunji Iwai 's 2001 film All About Lily Chou-Chou. She subsequently portrayed Tetsuko Arisugawa in Hana and Alice (2004), also directed by Iwai, Kimiko Tanigawa in the hula dancing film Hula Girls and Hagumi Hanamoto in ...

  7. › wiki › Star_WarsStar Wars - Wikipedia

    Star Wars is an American epic space opera [1] media franchise created by George Lucas, which began with the eponymous 1977 film [a] and quickly became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon.

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