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    Blattidae is a cockroach family in the order Blattodea [1] containing several of the most common household cockroaches. Notable species include: Blatta orientalis: Oriental cockroach, Common shining cockroach: ( Drymaplaneta communis) Florida woods cockroach: ( Eurycotis floridana)

    • Blattidae, Latreille, 1810
    • Animalia
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    Blattoidea is a superfamily of cockroaches and termites in the order Blattodea. There are about 17 families and more than 4,100 described species in Blattoidea. [1] [2] The 12 families of termites are sometimes considered members of the suborder Isoptera, but recent phylogenetic analysis places them within the cockroach superfamily Blattoidea.

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    Blattodea is an order of insects that contains cockroaches and termites. [1] Formerly, termites were considered a separate order, Isoptera, but genetic and molecular evidence suggests they evolved from within the cockroach lineage, cladistically making them cockroaches as well. [2]

  5. The American cockroach ( Periplaneta americana) is the largest species of common cockroach, and often considered a pest. In certain regions of the U.S. it is colloquially known as the waterbug, [1] though it is not a true waterbug since it is not aquatic.

  6. The oriental cockroach ( Blatta orientalis ), also known as the waterbug (as they live in damp areas) or black cockroaches (as their bodies are mostly dark), [1] is a large species of cockroach, adult males being 18–29 mm (0.71–1.14 in) and adult females being 20–27 mm (0.79–1.06 in). [2] It is dark brown or black in color and has a glossy body.

    • B. orientalis
    • Blatta
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    Blatta. Blatta. Blatta orientalis. Scientific classification. Domain: Eukaryota. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum:

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    Selected species Species include: Periplaneta aboriginea Roth, 1994 Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus, 1758) – American cockroach Periplaneta australasiae (Fabricius, 1775) – Australian cockroach Periplaneta brunnea Burmeister, 1838 – Brown cockroach Periplaneta fuliginosa (Serville, 1839) – Smokybrown cockroach Periplaneta japanna Asahina, 1969