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    澎湖澎湖縣民宿超值優惠 澎湖民宿最低2折起! Agoda在線預訂酒店,最棒的飯店優惠。 先預訂,後付款,立即預訂!

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  1. How it works. "Originally vTaiwan — v is for “virtual” — was used only for developing cyberpolicy (e.g. sharing economy apps, telework, crowdfunding, etc) but it is now being expanded into other domains. Over its two years of development, vTaiwan has matured into a four phase process with a set of methods that integrate technology ...

  2. ATU develops 130 gongbans annually in areas ranging from smart phones, tablets, smart watches, smart homes, and industrial controls—and distributes the designs for free. WPI then makes money by trading in the boards’ components. "We call this shanzhai in Shenzhen. It’s a mass production artwork,” explains Lawrence Lin head of the ...

  3. Coordination with neighboring tribal communities on mutual recognition and shared governance of overlapping traditional territories. The negotiation starts from: 1. collective memory of migration routes; 2. historical tribal sites; and 3. contemporary living spaces. Mutual endorsement establishes the legitimacy of tribal sovereignties.

  4. For a list of pages see Category:Taiwan.For current development, see the Delicious tag at An alternative directory can be found ...

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    "Stressing the definition of generative justice not only as bottom-up circulation of unalienated value, but also the rights of value generators to create their own conditions of production is a crucial foundation for in reconceptualizing social justice and sustainability." - Ron Eglash

    1. Ron Eglash: "Marx proposed that capitalism’s destructive force is caused, at root, by the alienation of labor value from its generators. Environmentalists have added the concept of unalienated ecological value, and rights activists added the unalienated expressive value of free speech, sexuality, spirituality, etc. Marx’s vision for restoring an...

    Generative Justice Tradition in Africa

    Ron Eglash and Ellen Foster: "Traditional African concepts of self-generation, like many indigenous cultures, neither focus on extracting value for export elsewhere, nor on elevating the purity of nature over culture. Rather, they depend on collaborations of humans and non-humans in which value is 1) allowed to remain in non-extracted, unalienated forms, and 2) circulated from the bottom-up. In Africa this generative recursion has many different symbols, but one of the most vivid is the West...

    Ron Eglash: "At first it might seem that the Adinkra production system, while admirable for its sus-tainability, is at best an artifact of the past. But the system took a remarkable turn in 1993 when a traditional animist priest, Nana Frimpong Abebrese, decided to organize cocoa farmers under similar principles: a collective in which the common pool of resources would benefit the whole. Kuapa Kokoo Ltd (the name means “good cocoa farmer”) obtained a loan from Twin Trading, a UK fair trade com...

    Key Concepts

    1. Critical Growing 2. Unalienated Value

    Key Examples

    1. Makerspaces in Africa 1.1. iSpace 1.2. Tech Needs Girls 1.3. CoCreation Hub in Nigeria 1.4. Creativity Group Kumasi 1.5. Agoblogoshie Makerspace Platform

    Introductory Articles

    1. An Introduction to Generative Justice. By Ron Eglash. 1. Historical Perspective on Generative Justice. By Ron Eglash.

  5. 2019年5月6日 · The goal—especially in the modern complex and fast-changing environment—is to transition out of our current crisis in economy and environment towards a society that is both knowledge-based and sustainable. The four keywords so central to SLOC—small, local, open and connected—are meaningful because they are, at the same time, visionary ...

  6. Based on authoritative data released by the government, ECCI conducts an independent and impartial quantitative annual evaluation on the Ecological Civilization Construction on China (Yan, 2015). Annual Report on China’s Provincial Eco-Civilization Index (ECCI 2015) has been published in December 2015, which is a continuation of the previous ...

  1. 澎湖縣 青灣玄武岩 相關
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    這次澎湖攜手「迪士尼」精彩可期,21:00馬公市觀音亭園區施放煙火,最美海灣夏夜盛會開始預購! 4/20~6/29季節限定!海上賞煙花、無人機秀驚呼連連,跟團、自由行、查機票、找住宿,方便訂購。

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    澎湖澎湖縣民宿超值優惠 澎湖民宿最低2折起! Agoda在線預訂酒店,最棒的飯店優惠。 先預訂,後付款,立即預訂!