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  1. 2022/7/27 · We're now releasing 1.19.1 for Minecraft: Java Edition. This release adds Allay duplication and new Player Safety functionality. Features Added Allay Duplication Tweaked Sculk Catalysts Added Chat Trust status New Options for Chat Preview Added Player

    • Mikael Hedberg
  2. 2022/11/21 · Fixed bugs in 1.19.3 Pre-Release 1. MC-156663 - Villager pathfinding broken in water. MC-177596 - Weaponsmith working subtitle is “Grindstone used” instead of “Weaponsmith works”. MC-177676 - Armorer working subtitle is “Blast Furnace crackles” instead of “Armorer works”. MC-245697 - Certain mobs can’t get out of water that is ...

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    兌換 PC 平台的 Minecraft: Java 版和 Bedrock 版 創造、探索、生存、重複。 適用於 Windows 的 Java 版和 Bedrock 版同捆包現有販售。 使用您 Minecraft: Java 版和 Bedrock 版 卡片背面的代碼,或是商店收據上面列印的代碼。 您需要擁有使用中 Microsoft 帳號才可兌換代碼。 使用 Minecraft: Java 版和 Bedrock 版 的使用說明, 進一步了解 如何兌換 Minecraft 預付卡。 ENTER CODE 提交 * This field is Required 兌換 Minecraft: Java 版

  4. Minecraft players (like you!) are using their amazing creative brains to concoct incredible new ways to play on mobile, Xbox, Windows PCs, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. From community-made skins and textures to hand-crafted worlds and epic adventures, you can find it all on Minecraft Marketplace. See what's popular.

  5. 2022/6/12 · Unite the Overworld in Minecraft Legends, Coming in 2023. A new action strategy game – lead your allies in heroic battles against the piglin invasion. Through Minecraft, our players have created endless tales: of creativity, bravery, and friendship – but also of defeat, sacrifice, and new beginnings. Stories are powerful.

  6. 探索 Minecraft 游戏 Minecraft 教育版 一个基于游戏的学习平台,支持来自 100 多个国家/地区的成千上万名教育工作者! Minecraft 探索自己独一无二的世界,挺过黑夜,并创建您能想象的一切! Minecraft Dungeons 发现一款以经典地牢爬虫为灵感来源的全新动作冒险游戏! Minecraft Legends 全新动作策略游戏 Minecraft Legends 即将来袭,快来探索重重奥秘。 Minecraft 教育版 一个基于游戏的学习平台,支持来自 100 多个国家/地区的成千上万名教育工作者! Minecraft 探索自己独一无二的世界,挺过黑夜,并创建您能想象的一切! Minecraft Dungeons

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    Nintendo Switch 推出 Minecraft。 薩爾達傳說:曠野之息 (The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild) 也現身在 Switch 中,其研發人員的研發靈感即來自於 Minecraft。 Mojang 研發人員直到現在還與有榮焉。 Minecraft: The Island (我的世界:海島) 我們的首部 Minecraft 小說《Minecraft: The Island (我的世界:海島)》上架了! 書中如實的描繪 Minecraft 遊戲中的場景,猶如平面版的 Minecraft。 獨樂不如眾樂更新 (Better Together Update) 玩家可跨平台 ( Xbox One、PC、iOS 與 Android) 同樂!

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