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  1. 2023年7月4日 · Lost Ruins of Arnak 阿納克遺跡的詳細策略指南(翻譯) | Lost Ruins of Arnak 配合中文版近來推出,我重新校正了之前版本的翻譯名詞,原文提及的卡片,我都有儘量將說明附在旁邊,希望有幫助到各位玩家。

  2. 2016年11月1日 · 而这部不仅非常农场主,而且还有独特的拼图机制,掷骰机制与升级后的工人放置机制。. 最后,在洞农被诟病重开性不高后,乌玫瑰总算又加入了卡牌元素。. 虽然按乌玫瑰的尿性…卡牌平衡性做的不会太好…但大量的卡牌也让游戏的重开度大大提升,且…也能 ...

  3. 現在該你上場了! 移動有磁力的外星人,讓他們在迷宮裡穿梭,幫米諾和多瑞找到需要的東西。 保持密切的互動,因為通常只有一個人知道正確的道路,一起合作,你們一定能辦得到。

  4. Vindication (2018) Reclaim your honor by defeating monsters and gaining heroic attributes. 7.3K Rating s & 1.6K Comment s · GeekBuddy Analysis. 2–5 Players. Community: 2–5 — Best: 4. 45–150 Min. Playing Time. Age: 14+. Community: 12+. Weight: 3.09 / 5. 'Complexity' Rating. Designer Marc Neidlinger.

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  6. In Underwater Cities, which takes about 30-45 minutes per player, players represent the most powerful brains in the world, brains nominated due to the overpopulation of Earth to establish the best and most livable underwater areas possible. The main principle of the game is card placement.

  7. Feed the Kraken is a hidden role deduction game, with three asymmetric factions. All players may be sitting in the same boat, but they want to navigate in different directions! The loyal sailors must bring the ship safely to mainland, whereas the pirates crave to secretly maneuver the ship into the Bermuda Triangle.