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  1. 2015年7月31日 · This graphic below shows a relationship between four types of motivation in two dimensions: First, motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is when you want to do something. Extrinsic motivation is when somebody else tries to make you do something. Secondly, there is positive and negative motivation.

  2. 随着政治、经济和社会体系转变为分布式的网络,一种新型的人类社会力量出现:点对点模式(简称P2P)。由于P2P 正在引发第三种生产模式、第三种管理模式和第三种物权模式的出现,它们正准备以空前的方式检阅我们的政治经济学。本文旨在 ...

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