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  1. Background. Previous Israeli attacks against Iran. Since 2010, Iran (and others) have accused Israel of killing Iranian nuclear scientists inside Iran. [11] . In 2018, Israeli spies raided an Iranian military facility in Tehran. [11] [12] In February 2022, Israel is accused of having assassinating an Iranian commander in Tehran. [11] .

  2. The war in Gaza, which was triggered by Hamas' Oct. 7 attack into Israel, has killed over 35,000 Palestinians, according to local health officials, making it by far the deadliest round of fighting in the history of the conflict. ^ abEl Deeb, Sarah (9 October 2023).

    • Ongoing
  3. IranIsrael conflict. Iran–Israel conflict may refer to: Iran–Israel proxy conflict. Iran–Israel conflict during the Syrian civil war. 2024 Iran–Israel conflict. Category: Disambiguation pages.

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    Israel,[a]officially the State of Israel,[b]is a country in the Southern Levant, West Asia. It is borderedby Lebanonand Syriato the north, the West Bankand Jordanto the east, Egypt, the Gaza Stripand the Red Seato the south, and the Mediterranean Seato the west.[22] Tel Avivis the country's financial, economic, and technologicalcenter. Israel's governmental seat is in its proclaimed capitalof ...

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    United Arab Emirates. Mossad is suspected of killing Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior Hamas military commander, in January 2010 at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The team which carried out the killing is estimated, on the basis of CCTVand other evidence, to have consisted of at least 26 agents traveling on bogus passports.

  6. The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is an ongoing military and political conflict about land and self-determination within the territory of the former Mandatory Palestine.

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    The populous west part is the most mountainous, with ranges such as the Caucasus, Zagros, and Alborz, the last containing Mount Damavand, Iran's highest point, at 5,610 m (18,406 ft), which is the highest volcano in Asia. Iran's mountains have impacted its politics and economics for centuries.

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