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  1. DCS: 波斯湾地图. 加入波斯自由行动驾驶A-10C疣猪和A-10C II坦克杀手”,扮演英国皇家空军交换飞行员大卫·Steep”·希尔上尉在入侵伊朗前夕加入美国第74战斗机中队。. 这个故事驱动的战役是以2011年阿拉伯之春期间的波斯湾为背景探讨了伊朗内乱 ...

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    This content requires the base game DCS World Steam Edition on Steam in order to play.

    The Persian Gulf Map for DCS World focuses on the Strait of Hormuz, which is the strategic choke point between the oil-rich Persian Gulf and the rest of the world. Flanked by Iran to the North and western-supported UAE and Oman to the south, this has been one of the world’s most dangerous flash points for decades. It was the location of Operation Praying Mantis in 1988 in which the US Navy sank several Iranian naval vessels.

    The region also includes the vast Arabian Sea that is well-suited for combat aircraft carrier operations, and it will be an amazing area of operations for the upcoming Hornet and Tomcat. Be it from land bases in Iran, UAE and Oman, or from the deck of an aircraft carrier, the Persian Gulf Map offers a wide array of combat mission scenarios to prove your mettle.

    •201,000 sq km highly detailed map area that centers on the Strait of Hormuz.

    •As part of DCS World 2.5, this map include highly detailed terrain, textures, seas, and buildings.

    •17 accurately created airbases in Iran, the UAE and Oman. Airbases include a variety of landing aids that can include TACAN, VASI lights, realistic approach lights, and VOR.

    •Detailed cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bandar Abbas with unique buildings.

    •“Strong Hold” islands such as Abu Musa, Siri, and the Tunb islands.

    •Iran, the UAE and Oman will be added to the list of DCS World nations.


    •Requires:Digital Combat Simulator

    OS: Windows 10

    •CPU: Intel or AMD 3.0Ghz+ with 2 cores or more

    •RAM: 8GB+ RAM

    •Video: Discrete AMD or NVIDIA 4GB+

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    • Jun 1, 2018
    • Simulation, Flight, Military
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