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  1. Description. Highlights. • The emergence of export markets for high-value fisheries tends to lead to collapse. • We examine three case studies of resistance to the high-value seafood trade. • Despite short-term financial incentives, fishing communities rejected export markets.

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    A ongoing study of what macrohistorians have learned about the overall evolution of humanity, life, and the cosmos, in order to understand the role of the commons in human history: Here is our resource base: Annotated Bibliography on Civilizational Analysis Cycles Patterns Scenarios for the Future Civilizational and Ecological Collapse Biophysical ...

    P2P Foundation Theory Project 1. General P2P Theory 2. P2P Hierarchy Theory 3. P2P Class Theory 4. Integral Theory

    Bauwens, M., Kostakis, V., & Pazaitis, A. (2019). Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto (Book), London: Westminster University Press. Available as free e-book at:
    The Commons Transition project]: ebook and site

    English: Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy. By Vasilis Kostakis and Michel Bauwens. Palgrave, 2014.

    This is a summary of our key structural arguments for commons/p2p-centric social change: 1. in capitalism there is a specific articulation of market/community (nation)/command (state) in which the market is dominant. 2. a commons-centric economy has a different articulation in which the communal mechanisms of pooling shared resources are dominant. ...

  3. The goal—especially in the modern complex and fast-changing environment—is to transition out of our current crisis in economy and environment towards a society that is both knowledge-based and sustainable. The four keywords so central to SLOC—small, local, open and connected—are meaningful because they are, at the same time, visionary ...

  4. 2010年5月2日 · Definition. "People’s organizations (POs), unlike NGOs, are established by and represent sectors of the population like small farmers, artisanal fisherfolk, slum dwellers and others. POs take a wide variety of forms and exist at various levels. - Community-based organizations (CBOs) mobilize and represent local populations and directly ...

  5. 2011年9月8日 · Glyphiti. by Andy Deck. Andy's Deck's Glyphiti is an artistic experiment in extending the reaches of public art. Converting the clandestine creativity of the graffiti artist into something more openly available, Deck developed a globally accessible drawing wall. Built of editable 'glyphs' - squares simultaneously reminiscent of hieroglyphics ...

  6. Discussion John Hawker: "Fish Traps I know I have written about the but I have added a lot of people since the it's a pretty interesting subject (too me anyway) Many of us learnt in school I am sure how rice farmers in Asia place in their rice paddies fish fingerlings.

  7. 2023年9月21日 · The researchers discovered a remarkably consistent dynamic: a relationship called “ Sublinear Scaling ”. For example, if you double the mass of a mouse you don’t double its energetic needs at the same rate. Instead, if you increase the mass by a factor of 10 (from 1 to 10 for example) you increase the metabolic rate by only about 5.6.