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  1. You Are My Friend - Wikipedia › wiki › You_Are_My_Friend

    "You Are My Friend" is a ballad co-written and recorded by American singer Patti LaBelle, released as the second single off her self-titled debut album, in 1978 on the Epic label. While it only reached as high as number sixty-one on ...

    • 4:36
    • R&B
  2. You Belong with Me - Wikipedia › wiki › You_Belong_with_Me

    "You Belong with Me" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, from her second studio album Fearless (2008). Written by Swift and Liz Rose and produced by Nathan Chapman, it was released as the album's third single on ...

  3. You Are My King (Amazing Love) - Wikipedia › wiki › You_Are_My_King_(Amazing_Love)

    "You Are My King (Amazing Love)" is a worship song written by Billy James Foote. It was originally released on contemporary Christian released by Phillips, Craig & Dean on their 2001 album Let My Words Be Few, and then by ...

  4. You Were on My Mind - Wikipedia › wiki › You_Were_on_My_Mind

    "You Were on My Mind" is a popular song written by Sylvia Fricker in 1961,[1] in a bathtub in a suite at the Hotel Earle in Greenwich Village. Fricker wrote the song - her first composition - in the bathroom because "it was the ...

  5. You Are My Lady - Wikipedia › wiki › You_Are_My_Lady_(Freddie_Jackson_song)

    You Are My Lady is a 1985 single by Freddie Jackson that followed his debut single, "Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)." It was the second single from his debut album, Rock Me Tonight. Like his debut single, "You Are My ...

  6. You Are My Man - Wikipedia › wiki › You_Are_My_Man
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    "Du är min man" entered the Swedish Svensktoppen on 11 July 2004 and stayed in the top 10 until it failed to chart on 8 November 2009, totaling 278 weeks on the chart.The song topped the chart for the 38 first weeks and was on top for a total of 60 weeks during its entire run. When the song left the chart the host of Svensktoppen, Carolina Norén, was interviewed by Erik Blix on the radio show P4 Extra and remarked that "Du är min man" was the song that more than any other stirred feelings with the listeners. That the song divided the audience into two distinct, angry groups with opposite opinions about the song. That when the song left the chart they received sad e-mails as well as pictures of listeners drinking champagneand celebrating. Norén said that new rules might have contributed to the song finally failing to chart.

    Swedish pop music singer-songwriter Loreenreleased a cover version of the song as a Promotional single on 12 December 2020.

    Kalle Moraeus and Annika Jankell (previous host for Svensktoppen) performed the song on TV show Doobidooon 20 October 2006.
    In Dansbandskampen 2008 the song was performed by Larz-Kristerz, but with the lyrics "Jag är din man" ("I Am Your Man").
    In Körslaget 2009 the song was performed by Stefan Nykvists choir from Älvdalen.
  7. You Could Be Mine - Wikipedia › wiki › You_Could_Be_Mine
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    "You Could Be Mine" was selected to be included in the James Cameron film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Arnold Schwarzeneggerhad the band members over for dinner at his own home to negotiate the deal. The lyric "With your bitch slap rappin' and your cocaine tongue you get nothin' done" from the chorus appeared on the inner sleeve of Guns N' Roses' debut album Appetite for Destruction, released in 1987 (the song had already been written by then). This "tradition" was followed by the line "Ain't It Fun" on the Use Your Illusion albums released in 1991 - two years later GN'R cover of the song "Ain't It Fun" appeared on "The Spaghetti Incident?" album. The end of first verse, "we've seen that movie too", is a reference to Elton John' song "I've Seen That Movie Too", from the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Slash states that the song's writing began at the first preproduction session for Appetite for Destruction. The song has a one-minute drum and guitar intro. The song was played during...

    The music video for the song was directed by Andy Morahan, Stan Winston and Jeffrey Abelson. A T-800 Terminator is assembled, given the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and dispatched to assassinate the band at one of their concerts. The video consists of clips from the movie, including its teaser trailer, intercut with footage of the band performing the song as the T-800 makes his way to the front of the crowd. After the song ends, he confronts the band as they leave the venue through a back door and analyzes each member individually; Izzy Stradlin is absent at this point, replaced by keyboardist Dizzy Reed. The T-800 scans W. Axl Roselast and concludes that killing the band would be a "Waste of Ammo". Lowering his shotgun, he gives Rose a brief smirk and walks away. As the video features clips from the movie, it could not be put on the DVD Welcome to the Videos due to licensing issues. The video was also not included on any of the DVD releases of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, al...

    Early live versions of "You Could Be Mine" featured Slash using a B.C. Rich Mockingbird (as in the video) instead of his usual Gibson Les Paul, due to his use of a tremoloduring the solo. It was first played live at Rock in Rio II on January 20, 1991, and has been a staple ever since. The live version features amended lyrics to the line "an I leave you lyin' on the bed' with your ass in the air".

    7-inch single (GEFS7-19039) 1. "You Could Be Mine" (LP version) – 5:48 2. "Civil War" (LP version) – 7:38 European CD single (GED 19039) 1. "You Could Be Mine" (LP version) – 5:48 2. "Civil War" (LP version) – 7:58

    "You Could Be Mine" is melodically similar to the 1980 Grace Jones song "Love Is the Drug" (the backing melody), the 1986 Kenny Loggins song "Danger Zone" (the verse melody), and the 1987 The Sisters of Mercy song "This Corrosion" (the chorus melody).

  8. My Wife Is a Gangster - Wikipedia › wiki › My_Wife_is_a_Gangster
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    Eun-jin was separated from her older sister Yu-jin when they were kids at an orphanage. While growing up, Eun-jin became a Kkangpae(Korean Mafia) gangster and adopted the nickname "Mantis." Upon discovering that Yu-jin had cancer, Eun-jin demanded that the doctors perform an operation; however, they refused. The dying Yu-jin wished that her sister would marry soon, so Eun-jin went on a blind date under the advice of her underling Romeo, who invited a stylist to design the appropriate makeup for Eun-jin. However, the date was a disaster and Romeo was sent to find someone else more suitable. Later, while Eun-jin was smashing up a car in retaliation against two men, a man ran up to protect her, but was accidentally hit in the head by Eun-jin. The man, Kang Soo-il, was simple, but kind-hearted. He seemed perfect for Eun-jin and he later married her. Yu-jin spoke to Eun-jin about her desire to have children and Eun-jin set out to get pregnant. She forced her husband into several occasion...

    The title, 조폭 마누라, is pronounced Jopok Manura. 조폭 (jopok) is a Sino-Korean word: 組暴. The first character, 組, is pronounced "jo" in Korean, and refers to a group, gang, or organization. The second character, 暴, is pronounced "Pok" (or sometimes Po) in Korean, and refers to violence and cruelty. The word itself, 조폭, connotes organized crime such as the Mafia, as opposed to random thuggery, and this explains some of the references to "professionalism" in the movie. The second word of the title, 마누라 , is pronounced manura. This word means wife, but with a distinctly disrespectful connotation. There are at least two other words in Korean, 아내 (a-nay) and 집사람 (jipsaram), that can be used by a man to refer to his own wife in a deferential but respectful way. By contrast, 마누라, has an insulting edge. An approximate translation in American English would be "the old Lady," but without any affection implied. The complete title, Jopok Manura, thus epitomizes the central paradox of the movie. It i...

    Shin Eun-kyungas Cha Eun-jin Park Sang-myunas Kang Su-il Lee Eung-kyungas Yu-jin Kim In-kwonas Banse Ahn Jae-moas Bada Jang Se-jinas Baek sang-eo Choi Min-soo Eun-ju Choi Kim In-munas Oden Food Yeon Jung-hoonas Hyo-min Gye-nam Myeongas Boss Shin Shin-Aeas Marriage Centre Consultan

    It was the fourth highest-grossing film for the year in Korea with 1.46 million admissions.It grossed $26.4 million worldwide.

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    My Wife Is a Gangster at HanCinema
  9. My Love Is Your Love World Tour - Wikipedia › wiki › My_Love_Is_Your_Love_World_Tour
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    After My Love is Your Love—Houston's first studio album in eight years—was released, the singer embarked on her first world tour since 1994 to promote it. For the North American leg of the tour, Houston turned down most arena dates in favor of theaters because she wanted "to do something where people can feel [her] and [she] can feel them."Performing in theaters allowed Houston's shows to have a jam-session atmosphere. Since theaters have lower capacities than arenas, Houston played in most North American cities for two nights each. Houston signed a deal with Dolce & Gabbana to design all of her clothes for the tour. This deal gave Houston a more hip and contemporary look to match her music; this look contrasted with her previous tours. Houston first showcased her new wardrobe on The Oprah Winfrey Showprior to the tour opener in Chicago. In July, Houston made a surprise appearance at the 13th Annual New York City Lesbian and Gay Pride Dance. At the event, the singer did a rare perfo...

    Additional notes 1. "My Love Is Your Love" and "Step by Step" was performed as encores in Chicago, replacing "It's Not Right But It's Okay" performed earlier in the show. 2. "Abraham, Martin and John" was performed in Denver on July 26, and Los Angeles on July 30, as a tribute to the late John F. Kennedy, Jr. 3. Houston performed "You'll Never Stand Alone" in London on September 18, "All at Once" in Rotterdam on October 12, "Greatest Love of All" in Antwerp on November 2, and "Home" in London on November 8. 4. "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)" and "Amazing Grace" was performed at select dates in Europe. "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin was performed in Frankfurt on October 18, and a medley of Dionne Warwick's "Walk On By" and "Alfie" was performed in Oberhausen on October 30.

    Festivals and other miscellaneous performances

    1. A This concert is a part of the "Sopot International Song Festival" 2. B This concert is a part of "Stoppelmarkt" 3. CThis concert is a part of the "Open-Air-Wochenende"

    Houston's concert on August 22, in Sopot, Poland was televised on Germany, United Kingdom and Poland cable TV.
    Live performances of "I Learned From the Best" was televised during UNCF benefit telethon broadcast, and "It's Not Right But Its Okay" performance was aired on the MTV series All Access Live.
  10. Tuesday (You Am I song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Tuesday_(You_Am_I_song)

    "Tuesday" is the fourth single from the album Hourly, Daily by Australian rock band You Am I. It was released in 1997 and reached number 29 on the Australian charts. Track listing "Tuesday" – 3:15 "Circles" - 2:41 ...

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