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    Law enforcement career. Early political career. Mayor of New Taipei (2018–) Elections. 2018. 2022. 2024 presidential election. Personal life. Notes. References. External links. Hou Yu-ih ( Chinese: 侯友宜; pinyin: Hóu Yǒuyí; born 6 June 1956) is a Taiwanese politician and former police officer.

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    Hou Dejian. Hou Dejian ( Chinese: 侯德健; pinyin: Hóu Déjiàn; Wade–Giles: Hou Te-Chien, Cantonese: Hau Dak-gin, born October 1, 1956), is a songwriter, composer, and singer from Taiwan . Since the 1980s, his songs have been popular in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. His songs are written mostly in Chinese, with a few in English.

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    Puli, Nantou County, Taiwan. Political party. Kuomintang. Alma mater. Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science. Feng Chia University. Ma Wen-chun ( Chinese: 馬文君; pinyin: Mǎ Wénjūn; Wade–Giles: Ma Wen-chün; born 1 December 1965) is a Taiwanese politician. A member of the Kuomintang, she has served in the Legislative Yuan since 2009.

  4. Hou (Chinese: ; pinyin: Hóu) is a Chinese surname, listed the 80th in the Hundred Family Surnames.It is romanized Hau in Cantonese.It originated from a Chinese nobility title, often translated as "marquis." Notable people Alyson Hau (Hou Jiaming), Hong Kong DJ/presenter ...

  5. Amanda Louise Holden (born 16 February 1971)[1] is an English media personality, actress and singer. Since 2007, she has been a judge on the television talent competition show Britain's Got Talent on ITV. She also co-hosts the national Heart Breakfast radio show with Jamie Theakston on weekday mornings. Holden grew up in Bishop's Waltham and ...

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