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  1. 2018年6月10日 · The purpose of a Civic Trust is to embed principled, participatory governance systems into the decision-making processes that define user rights within a technology platform. A Civic Trust structure is inherently flexible — but our goal is to create a legal structure that protects the public interest in intellectual property, while we work ...

  2. Moreover, according to another early Confucian classic, the principle that should be applied among states is noted as follows: ‘preferential treatments should be given to one’s own state over other civilized (xia夏) states, and preferential treatments should be given

  3. P2P是指被创造的如下的生产方式:. - 通过生产者(他们可以取得所分配的资本)之间的自由合作产生使用价值:这就是对等生产模式,“第三种生产模式”,不同于国有企业的公营或营利性生产。. 其产品不具有市场上的交换价值,而在使用者团体中具有使用 ...

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