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  1. Website. www .guardianlife .com, www .guardiananytime .com. The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the world. Based in Manhattan, it has approximately 8,000 employees in the United States and a network of over 3,000 financial representatives in more than 70 agencies nationwide.

    • 1860
    • New York, NY 10001, U.S.
  2. Politics portal. The United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC) is United Nations Peacekeeping office based in Brindisi, Italy, as well as Valencia, Spain that provides logistics, geospatial intelligence, IT services and training to peacekeeping and special political missions around the world. [1]

  3. Globalization, or globalisation (Commonwealth English; see spelling differences), is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide. The term globalization first appeared in the early 20th century (supplanting an earlier French term mondialization), developed its current meaning some time in the second half of the 20th century, and came into ...

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    This is the worldwide production of energy, extracted or captured directly from natural sources. In energy statistics primary energy(PE) refers to the first stage where energy enters the supply chain before any further conversion or transformation process. Energy production is usually classified as: 1. fossil, using coal, crude oil, and natural gas...

    Primary energy is converted in many ways to energy carriers, also known as secondary energy. 1. Coal mainly goes to thermal power stations. Cokeis derived by destructive distillation of bituminous coal. 2. Crude oil goes mainly to oil refineries 3. Natural-gas goes to natural-gas processingplants to remove contaminants such as water, carbon dioxide...

    Total Energy Supply (TES) indicates the sum of production and imports subtracting exports and storage changes.For the whole world TES nearly equals primary energy PE because imports and exports cancel out, but for countries TES and PE differ in quantity, and also in quality as secondary energy is involved, e.g., import of an oil refinery product. T...

    Total final consumption (TFC) is the worldwide consumption of energy by end-users (whereas primary energy consumption (Eurostat)or total energy supply (IEA) is total energy demand and thus also includes what the energy sector uses itself and transformation and distribution losses). This energy consists of fuel (78%) and electricity (22%). The table...

    IEA scenarios

    In World Energy Outlook 2021 (WEO) the IEA presents four scenarios :27 based on the computer Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change (MAGICC).Net Zero by 2050 (NZE)is an integral part of the WEO. In Stated Policies Scenario (STEPS) IEA assesses the likely effects of 2021 policy settings. This would lead to global average temperatures still rising when they hit 2.6 °C above pre-industrial levels in 2100.p. 16 The Announced Pledges Scenario (APS) assumes that all clima...

    Alternative scenarios

    Alternative Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals scenarios are developed by a team of 20 scientists at the University of Technology of Sydney, the German Aerospace Center, and the University of Melbourne, using IEA data but proposing transition to nearly 100% renewables by mid-century, along with steps such as reforestation. Nuclear power and carbon capture are excluded in these scenarios.The researchers say the costs will be far less than the $5 trillion per year governments currently...

    For history, see articles on the control of fire, extraction of coal and oil, use of wind- and watermills and sailing ships.
    International Energy Outlook, by the U.S. Energy Information Administration
  4. The Global Citizen Festival is an annual music festival started in 2012 and organized by Global Poverty Project. It was founded by Ryan Gall and Hugh Evans. [2] Gall said he was inspired by visiting Austin City Limits and seeing the branding on the stage, but wanting to replace the corporate branding with branding from charities.

  5. www .marineandgeneralmutual .co .uk [dead link] The Marine and General Mutual Life Assurance Society, previously known as MGM Assurance, was established in 1852. The company was dissolved on 10 July 2018, following the transfer of business to Scottish Friendly on 1 June 2015. The Society was Great Britain's longest-registered company and holds ...

  6. The Gleaners were the first fraternal society incorporated under Act 119, a law regulating insurance passed by the Michigan legislature that year. At the time the group had 220 members. A newspaper man himself, Slocum published the group's first four-page newsletter that eventually became The Gleaner, a "large and influential farm journal".

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