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  1. 2024年4月20日 · The Lord of the Rings Online is having its 17th anniversary event, celebrating the long history of the MMORPG as Amazon's version looms.

  2. 2024年5月10日 · Gustavo Santaolalla, The Last of Us’ award-winning composer, has gingerly stepped into the center of the stage at London’s Royal Festival Hall and, composed and unassuming, juggled a multitude of...

  3. Age Of Empires III: Complete Collection news, release date, guides, system requirements, and more.

  4. 2023年12月17日 · The new add-on for the empire-building game that comes from Civilization 4’s lead designer Soren Johnson introduces a hefty helping of additional content, with a focus on dynasty-related events and...

  5. 2024年5月11日 · Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin is the second season for the excellent ARPG and Diablo 4 rival, introducing pinnacle boss fights and an evade.

  6. 2024年5月5日 · Dungeons and Dragons inspired indie RPG Wildermyth is a great post-BG3 adventure, and new DLC Omenroad adds a campaign and a roguelike mode.

  7. 2020年8月27日 · Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition will hit Steam, the Windows Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC on October 15 at a price of $19.99 / €19.99. You’ll get a 25% discount on Steam if you already...

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