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  1. 2022年2月13日 · Chinese writer-director Li Ruijun’s moving drama traces the evolving relationship of two outcasts who defy expectations, making the best of an arranged marriage.

  2. 2019年11月10日 · The fourth episode of Lindelof’s drama begins with a different enigmatic billionaire’s arrival: Hong Chau as Lady Trieu, who drops a similar piece of dialogue while cradling a curious creation ...

    • Josh Wigler
  3. 2022年9月30日 · Some spoke out. Some stayed silent. The Hollywood Reporter hears from five accusers on the feelings of closure, turbulence and regret that resulted from their decision.

    • THR Staff
  4. 2019年6月5日 · Boundary-pushing, real and exceptionally realized, HBO’s new drama ‘Euphoria’ starring Zendaya tracks sex, drugs and rap in the life of modern teens.

  5. 2020年3月6日 · Genre familiarity may make ZeroZeroZero less fresh, but it remains quite watchable, if you can ignore its vaguely nihilistic streak, thanks to a good cast, confident direction and cinematography ...

  6. 2020年7月2日 · Netflix’s dour supernatural drama ‘Warrior Nun’ focuses on a young woman recruited to fight in the divine war between Good and Evil.

  7. 2013年4月30日 · Yeoh’s father himself has spoken out in support of his daughter’s political views, saying the public should respect her right to support any political party. Yeoh is not the only Malaysian ...

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