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  1. The essay, the Political Economy of Peer Production has been translated into Chinese.Please read the Chinese Translation here.We also have a page covering China and a Category: China.

  2. * Conference: The 1st Global Commons Forum. 2019 Theme: The Great Transformation of the 21st Century: Towards Commons of Self-Sustaining Eco-Communities. Organized by the Karl Polanyi Institute Asia in Seoul, South Korea; October 2 (Wednesday), 2019

  3. What is the P2P Foundation and its role in research? The P2P Foundation is a non-profit organization, a “Stichting”, fouded in Amsterdan in 2007, under Dutch law. The local registered name is: Stichting Peer to Peer Alternatives, dossier nr: 34264847. It’s legal

  4. * White Paper: Big Data, Communities and Ethical Resilience: A Framework for Action . By 2013 Bellagio/PopTech Fellows Kate Crawford, Gustavo Faleiros, Amy Luers ...

  5. Today is the P2P International WikiSprint Today is the P2P International WikiSprint Here you can begin work! Generally, you are welcome to include any project that has significantly contributed to the open science movement. More strictly defined, this is what

  6. WiFi can be organized according to peer to peer principles as Mesh Networks.See also our entry on Wireless Mesh Networks Description You can have a "Wi-Fi network that is not top-down but rather ground-level, peer-to-peer. It relies not on $3,500 radio ...

  7. Description "The traditional method of distributing large files is to put them on a central server. The server and the client can then share the content across the network using agreed upon protocols (from HTTP, FTP to an infinite number of variations) when using IP ...

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