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    5 天前 · An M.2 (2242) solid-state-drive ( SSD) connected into USB 3.0 adapter and connected to computer. The USB mass storage device class (MSC or UMS) standardizes connections to storage devices. At first intended for magnetic and optical drives, it has been extended to support flash drives and SD card readers.

  2. 4 天前 · A Linux distribution for building a High-Performance Computing computer cluster, with a recent release supporting Cloud computing. It is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux but with extensions to support large multi-node heterogeneous systems for clusters (HPC), Cloud, and Data Warehousing (in development). Rocky Linux.

  3. 4 天前 · Google Translate is a web-based free-to-user translation service developed by Google in April 2006. [11] It translates multiple forms of texts and media such as words, phrases and webpages. Originally, Google Translate was released as a statistical machine translation service. [11] The input text had to be translated into English first before ...

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