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  1. 2017年12月16日 · ATU develops 130 gongbans annually in areas ranging from smart phones, tablets, smart watches, smart homes, and industrial controls—and distributes the designs for free. WPI then makes money by trading in the boards’ components. "We call this shanzhai in Shenzhen. It’s a mass production artwork,” explains Lawrence Lin head of the ...

  2. 2020年1月23日 · Description. By Lorenza Victoria Salati and Giulio Focardi: "The Multifactory Model reflects our approach, our filter, our vision. It focuses on the idea of a community made up of economically minded subjects, such as SMEs, craftspeople, free-lancers, or artists and non-profits that adopt an entrepreneurial approach in the search for ...

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    The aim of the Circular Humansphere is to improve our decisions-making process aiming at preserving the ‘Life Equation’ on Earth. This Life Equation is based on 4 strategies and 3 set of priorities as described below. The Circular Humansphere helps us focus on addressing human needs thanks to system circularity with the aim of guaranteeing well-bei...

    Humansphere Strategies

    Alexandre Lemille: Based on these two new roles — “we are Nature” and “we are Energy” — four strategies can be identified connecting us with the other two spheres identified as circulars. The first two strategies focus on our ability to change and therefore to adapt in depth to the two spheres to be preserved: 1. Adaptation and Valuation Strategies (behavioral change strategies). They consist in understanding our future roles in an economy of system context where humans will play several key...

    Priorities of the future economic model.

    Alexandre Lemille: "This model will need to integrate all environmental, social and economic dimensions into a comprehensive symbiotic approach to regenerate, restore and protect. The first priority is to respond to all human needs through the circularity of systems in a model that eradicates all negative externalities step by step, while avoiding the rebound of consumption thanks to intergenerational governance.

    In conclusion

    Alexandre Lemille: "Such a perception of the world we depend on would also lead us to implement strategies that avoid a potential rebound in consumption. Changes in intrinsic behaviors could occur more quickly by integrating the human component into this new paradigm. An avoidance of such a rebound would be by decisions taken over the very-long-term based on the emerging science of “decentering” or “decentration”, as applied by the original tribes of the American continent ever since. “Decent...

    The Circular Humansphere applied to Circular EconomyThe Circular Humansphere and it 4 Strategies The Circular Humansphere applied to Sustainable Development GoalsA Symbiotic Approach to all 17 SDGs The Circular Humansphere applied to Human DevelopmentThe Circular Humansphere nurturing Human Development objectives The Circular Humansphere as a strat...

  3. URL = Description 1. "The Procomum Institute (IP) is a non-profit organization whose mission consists of ...

  4. 2020年2月6日 · Description. "Pettman argues that the contemporary subject is being guided by “hypermodulation: the attempt to distract us from the fact that we are indeed being synchronized to an unprecedented degree” (Pettman 2016, 130). The contention is that social media’s apparatus distracts its users with small bursts of content that elicit various ...

  5. 1. Wave of the Financial-agricultural revolution (1600–1780) 2. Wave of the Industrial revolution (1780–1880) 3. Wave of the Technical revolution (1880–1940) 4. Wave of the Scientific-technical revolution (1940–1985) 5. Wave of the Information and telecommunications revolution (1985–2015) 6.

  6. Neurocapitalism takes us on an extraordinarily original journey through the effects that cutting-edge technology has on cultural, anthropological, socio-economic and political dynamics. Today, neurocapitalism shapes the technological production of the commons, transforming them into tools for commercialization, automatic control, and crisis ...

  1. 台東熱氣球嘉年華在哪裡 相關
  2. 過去一個月已有 超過 10 萬 位使用者造訪過

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