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  1. 2023年5月9日 · To celebrate the launch of Minecraft Legends, we're putting on our swankiest character skins and partying the best way we know how – online. Join our very own Jens Bergensten ( jeb) and creator Hannahxxrose on the weekend of May 13 in this unique live event! Well, we call it an event, but it's more of an amusement park.

  2. 2023年5月11日 · It’s actually the Nether star! The Nether star is our item of the month! The Nether star was added to Minecraft in the Pretty Scary update in October 2012, alongside potatoes, carrots on sticks, and the wither skeleton mob. The last entry in that list – wither skeleton – is pretty important, because you’re gonna need to kill a bunch of ...

  3. 2023年5月23日 · This isn’t the first time Gamemode One have brought Sonic’s world into Minecraft, as they were also the creators of the Sonic the Hedgehog DLC!But while the DLC lets you dive into a story-driven adventure, this texture pack means you can play in both Survival or ...

  4. 2023年5月18日 · The day 30 patch. A new patch for Minecraft Legends is also out, so make sure you’re running the latest version to enjoy all the improvements! We’ve made many adjustments, including changes to the post-game flow, joining matches in PvP, and cosmetics entitlements. Lost Legends: The Portal Pile has also been patched, so make sure you update ...

  5. 2023年5月22日 · Realms is nothing new, but we’ve upgraded our tools to make it a little more convenient to manage. From now on, owners of a Realm can access and adjust their Realms settings (for console, PC, and mobile) by logging into a Minecraft profile at the top-right corner of You can set the name and description of your Realm, invite ...

  6. 2023年5月8日 · 從 2023 年 9 月 19 日早上 11 點(EST)或晚上 5 點(CEST)開始,尚未遷移的 Mojang 帳號將無法登入 或 Minecraft 啟動工具進行遷移。 我們之所以這麼做,是希望大家都能使用安全性更高的帳號。

  7. 2023年5月17日 · Block of the Month: Gilded Blackstone. All that glitters is not gold! In the darkest corners of the Nether, where ancient bastons once stood and are now slowly crumbling to dust, you’ll find one of the finest building materials known to both human- and piglinkind. It’s called gilded blackstone – and it’s our block of the month.

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