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  1. 2017年9月13日 · 10M (1TR) = 5M (1VP) + 5M (1M Income) The rough value of “windfall” resources from cards I gave, 1 Plant = 1 Steel = 1 Titanium = 1 card = 2 Heat = 2M, is obviously not meant to be exact. It is however a good estimation. 1 Plant is more than 2M when turned into Greeneries, however they are prong to destruction.

  2. cymerdown's Comprehensive Dune: Imperium Strategy Guide Hi all, after about 25 playthroughs of the game (as of March 2021), I've compiled my thoughts and findings into a strategy guide. As with any strategy guide, these are my opinions, and I'm happy to listen

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  4. 2021年9月7日 · 2. Phobolog. Phobolog may not be long for this list. From the beginning of my time with Terraforming Mars Phobolog has sat comfortably at number 1, but it no longer rules the ranking with a titanium fist. This spaciest of space corporations is an Interplanetray Cinematics pumped up to 11 with a stronger focus on a single strategy, and while the ...

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  5. Littoral Commander (formerly Fleet Marine Force) is a 2-6 player boardgame about potential military conflict in the Indo-Pacific region, a hybrid of standard hex and counter wargames and card-driven games. Players spend Action Points (AP) during their turn to activate cards or move units on the game board.

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  6. Classification. Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is a solo play game, with an original campaign story written by Isaac Childres, that features a playstyle similar to Gloomhaven in a fraction of the size. Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is set after the events of Gloomhaven and Forgotten Circles. The Aesther recluse Hail has earned a reputation for being ...

  7. In Steam Power, players "race" to build the best rail network to meet their contractual obligations and make the most money. On your turn, you can perform two actions from a selection of choices, letting you lay tracks, build factories, fulfill contracts, earn money, or collect more contracts. Building a factory brings resources to the board ...

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