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  1. 2022/6/8 · Amy Hollyfield graduated from Texas Tech University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Details about her early career are unknown. We do know that she has anchored the morning broadcasts on ABC7 in San Francisco since 2002. On June 7, Hollyfield tweeted it was her last day on air at ABC7.

  2. 2022/7/18 · Christina Pascucci announced she is leaving KTLA-TV in July 2022. L.A. residents were naturally surprised by the news. Most importantly, they want to know why she is leaving the station where she worked at for most of her career and where she is going next. The Emmy Award-winning anchor had answers to most of her followers’ questions.

  3. 2022/7/20 · Jessica Burns Leaves Tennessee for Indiana. Michigan native Jessica Burns graduated from Valparaiso University with a BS in Meteorology. During that time, she gained experience in broadcasting with internships at TV stations and working with the campus news station and publications. Her first job after college was at WCYB in Bristol, Tennessee.

  4. 2022/5/17 · Thank you so much ️ ️ ️. — Heather Childers (@HeatherChilders) April 22, 2022. However, she has been absent from the network recently. That has sparked queries about what happened to Heather Childers and speculation that she was fired from Newsmax. A few sources close to Childers revealed the reason behind her absence.

  5. 2022/9/5 · Salvage Dawgs was one of the fan-favorite shows that ceased due to the pandemic in 2020 after a decade of upcycling historical pieces. But Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp continued running their business, Black Dog Salvage. Mike Whiteside is primarily the designer and fabricator of the unique pieces that Kulp sources from historical buildings.

  6. 2022/6/7 · John Martin wrapped his last day on air at Local 3 News on June 6. He is not only leaving the NBC affiliate, but he is also saying farewell to Chattanooga and Tennessee. The anchor and his longtime partner, Claire, tied the knot on May 28, 2022. Now, the newlyweds are moving to Billings, Montana.

  7. 2022/6/15 · Photo: maxxyustas/envato. Davi Crimmins has been cracking the funniest jokes on The Bert Show for four years and kept listeners entertained. So fans were shocked when Bert Weiss, the lead host of the Cumulus Media show, announced that Davi Crimmins is no longer part of The Bert Show. Fans naturally had questions about her departure.

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