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  1. 2023年3月12日 · In these weekly videos I rundown all the games launching in the next 7 days! You can also win free pledges just by leaving a comment!! Multiple pledge give-aways every week for your favorite campaigns! This is a continuation of the "Coming to Kickstarter" Thread!

  2. 2023年3月18日 · 50 Games I Played in February. Abyss. Everdell. Azul. Architects of the West Kingdom. Space Base. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy. Cartographers. Dwellings of Eldervale.

  3. 2023年3月15日 · March 4th, 2023: Deckbuilding. I'm pretty late on this entry, but on March 4th we played Thunderstone Advance. It's been a LOOOOONG time since I played it, and the other two players had never played before. I got one rule wrong for the first half of the game (a mixup with strength vs attack), but I think we all had a good time.

  4. 2023年3月18日 · Onto the cards: There are three types of cards in this game, your villain card and the two card decks used in the game the door cards and the treasure cards. You will split the door and treasure cards and place them on the board in the spaces allocated. You will need to shuffle and deal four of each to each player and get ready to play.

  5. 2023年3月15日 · Introduction. Something I always thought this fine game suffered from was a lack of scenarios and shorter campaign games. I designed a few scenarios and shorter campaign many years ago using the Victory Games edition, some of which I can still find. I also have a few new scenarios in mind, and I'd encourage other players to bring out their ...

  6. 2023年3月16日 · One tragic event and two acts of generosity brought the BGG community together: the result was the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. In January 2011, Cate Pfeifer (Cate108) posted an auction for Tom Vasel and his family to help with the financial hardship related to the unfortunate loss of his son, Jack. The generosity of the BGG community was amazing.

  7. 2023年3月19日 · Luigi Pasato @Luigi. On GMT Games website. Thank you for this, I am really looking forward to this COIN quad, I’m hoping it will be my lead into the COIN series. Tip. Name. Domain. Expiration. Description. Policy Info.

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