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  1. › wiki › LamborghiniLamborghini - Wikipedia

    Lamborghini. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. ( Italian pronunciation: [autoˈmɔːbili lamborˈɡiːni]) is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese. The company is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi .

  2. › wiki › BlaupunktBlaupunkt - Wikipedia

    Blaupunkt GmbH ( listen (help·info)) was a German manufacturer of mostly car audio equipment. It was owned by Robert Bosch GmbH from 1933 until 1 March 2009, when it was sold to Aurelius AG of Germany. It filed for bankruptcy in late 2015 [1] with liquidation proceedings completed in early 2016.

    • 1924; 98 years ago
    • 8,700 (2007)
    • Lars Placke (CEO)
    • Hildesheim, Germany
    • Name
    • Specifications and Performance
    • Huracán
    • Facelift
    • Special editions
    • Concept Cars
    • Production
    • Marketing
    • Motorsport
    • Records and Controversy

    The Huracán's name (huracánbeing the Spanish word for hurricane) is inspired by a Spanish fighting bull. Names from historical Spanish fighting bulls has been the traditional naming scheme of most Lamborghini car models. Huracán was a bull known for its courage that fought in 1879.


    The Huracán has various interior options for upgraded comfort inside the car. It has a choice for full electric control and heating of the sport seats in addition to the standard lengthwise alignment and electric backrest. The car also has an optional navigation system and leather upholstering. The Huracán is one of the first sports cars moving the infotainment system out of the center stack: Lamborghini Infotainment System. The result: a display that lets the driver decide what they want to...


    Various aspects of the Huracán are technologically advanced. The car has full LED headlamps, which ensure higher contrast in night conditions. Also, the Huracán has optional "Lamborghini Dynamic Steering" (LDS) to add to the standard power steering. The Dynamic Steering changes the steering performance from normal, comfortable steering to a racing feeling. The main control for changing the car's performance according to driving conditions is the mode selector ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intellige...

    Huracán LP 610-4 Coupé

    Changes from Gallardo included full LED illumination, a 12.3 inch full-colour TFT instrument panel, Fine Nappa leather and Alcantara interior upholstery, redesigned dashboard and central tunnel, Iniezione Diretta Stratificata (IDS, essentially an adapted version of parent Audi's Fuel Stratified Injection) direct and indirect gasoline injections, engine Stop & Start technology, EU6 emissions regulation compliance, Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF) 7-speed dual-clutch transmission with 3 modes...

    Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder

    The convertible variant of the Huracán LP 610-4 was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 14 September 2015. The 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 engine is the same as the coupé and generates a maximum power output of 449 kW (602 hp; 610 PS). Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes 3.4 seconds and the top speed is 323 km/h (201 mph). It has the same 7-speed Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF) dual-clutch transmission as that of the coupé. The Spyder has a dry weight of1,542 kg (3,400...

    Huracán LP 580-2

    Unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Huracán LP 580-2 is a lower cost derivative of the Huracán LP 610-4 that differs mostly in having the 5.2 L V10 engine detuned to 427 kW (572 hp; 580 PS) and 533 N⋅m (393 lb⋅ft) of torque along with having a rear wheel drive drivetrain instead of the all-wheel drive drivetrain found in the standard Huracán. Lamborghini claims the car will accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 3.4 seconds and 0–200 km/h (0–124 mph) in 10.1 seconds. The top speed i...

    Huracán Evo

    The Huracán received a mid-cycle update in 2019, now being called the Huracán Evo.It now shares its engine and some of the technology with the Performante variant. The updated version of the Huracán has a more aggressive design language, the new front bumper has integrated aeroblades for improved downforce along with the rear styling inspired by the Performante variant, having the same rear diffuser, exhaust pipe position and radiators. A new ducktail spoiler improves downforce by 5 times as...

    Huracán Evo Spyder

    The Huracán Evo Spyder was introduced online in February 2019. The Spyder has the same enhancements as the coupé but is 100 kg (220 lb) heavier due to the addition of chassis reinforcement components owing to the loss of the roof. The car has the same canvas folding soft top as the outgoing model which takes 17 seconds for operation and is operable at speeds up to 50 km/h (31 mph). The Spyder can accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.1 seconds from a standstill, to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 9.3 se...

    Huracán Evo RWD

    A rear-wheel drive variant of the Evo debuted in January 2020, replacing the LP 580-2. The front splitter has been reshaped and generates more airflow, which is directed to the revised diffuser. Unique to the RWD model is P-TCS (Performance Traction Control System) that ensures that torque is not cut off abruptly; Lamborghini claims this increases oversteer by 30 percent compared to the LP 580-2. The engine is detuned and is now rated at 449 kW (602 hp; 610 PS). Due to the detuned engine, the...

    Huracán LP 610-4 Polizia

    The Huracán LP 610-4 Polizia is the official police car variant specifically produced for the Italian State Police, after the one Gallardo used by the Polizia Stradale were destroyed in the course of patrol duty. This model sports various features exclusive to the car, such as blue Polizia body colour, white stripes and lettering following the Huracán's dynamic design language, a video system positioned in the centre of the cabin with a camera fitted next to the rear view mirror, a police com...

    Huracán LP 610-4 Avio

    Unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Avio is the first limited edition of the Huracán, bringing new colours, upholstery, exterior decals and interior logos inspired by the Italian fighter jets along with featuring a tricolore cockade in Red, White and Green.On the centre console there is a plaque indicating the limited number from 250 examples offered.

    Huracán LP 580-2 Pope Francis

    Lamborghini specially manufactured a tailor-made Huracán LP 580-2 and donated it to Pope Francis before the general audience in the presence of the top management of the company. The exclusive and personalized car, signed by the Pontiff, was auctioned out by Sotheby's, and the proceeds were delivered directly to the Holy See, which will allocate the charitable sum for the reconstruction of the Nineveh Plainthrough the Foundation of Papal Law "Aiuto alla Chiesa che Soffre".

    Huracán Sterrato

    In June 2019, Lamborghini introduced an off-road concept sports car based on the Huracán Evo called the Huracán Sterrato. The ground clearance of the car was increased by 47 mm (2 in) with the car's front approach improved by 1% and the departure angle enhanced by 6.5%. The wheel track is also increased by 30 mm (1 in) and the Sterrato has new wide body fender flares with integrated air-intakes for improved airflow for the brakes. The car is fitted with 20-inch wheels with special tyres for i...

    The Huracán's chassis is assembled by Lamborghini's parent company Audi in Neckarsulm, Germany. It is transported to the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, where the final assembly occurs. Within the first month of the Huracán LP 610-4 preview period, 700 orders of the vehicle were obtained.Before the official launch, Lamborgh...

    The Huracán LP 610-4 Coupé (in Midas yellow body colour) appeared in Forza Horizon 2 as the "hero car", where the car was featured in the box art cover for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360editions of the game. At Penny Arcade Expo 2016, the Blizzard Entertainment game "Overwatch" collaborated with Uber to perform "Uberwatch", which took event goers a...

    Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo

    The Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo is a racing version of the Huracán for the 2015 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Series(Europe, Asia and North America). The 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 now generates 456 kW (612 hp; 620 PS) and 570 N⋅m (420 lb⋅ft) of torque. The vehicle was unveiled at the ACI Vallelunga Circuit.

    Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo EVO

    The Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo EVO is the successor to the Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo. The 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 has the same power and torque, respectively 456 kW (612 hp; 620 PS) and 570 N⋅m (420 lb⋅ft) of torque.

    Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo Evo2

    The Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo Evo2 features major aerodynamic refinements over the Super Trofeo EVO. Power and torque does not change however, remaining at 456 kW (612 hp; 620 PS) and 570 N⋅m (420 lb⋅ft) of torque.[citation needed][clarification needed]

    In October 2016, a prototype of the Huracán Performante set a lap time of 6:52.01 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, with Marco Mapelli behind the wheel, making it one of the world's fastest production cars around the track. This lap was also made on Marco Mapelli's first attempt. However, some critics have stated complaints around the car's lap time...

  3. George Timothy Clooney [2] (born May 6, 1961) is an American actor and filmmaker. He is the recipient of numerous accolades, including a British Academy Film Award, four Golden Globe Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Academy Awards, one for his acting and the other as a producer. In 2018, he was the recipient of the AFI Life ...

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    National Treasure

    Benjamin "Ben" Franklin Gates is a member of a family of treasure hunters. At a young age, his grandfather tells him the legend of the hidden treasures of the Founding Fathers of the USA. His grandfather teaches him that the men and women of American history buried the treasure somewhere within the country, and have hidden highly cryptic cluesthroughout various lands within the nation's borders. Years later, after a dead-end in the family's momentum of discovery and generations of failed atte...

    National Treasure: Book of Secrets

    Several years since Benjamin "Ben" Franklin Gates found the Knight's Templar national treasure and gained fame and wealth from a self-imposed minimal 1% finder's fee, the Gates family finds themselves once again defending their family name. Competing scavenger Mitch Wilkinson claims that he has learned from a fragment of a missing page of John Wilkes Booth's diary, that the Gates family ancestor was a conspirator to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Together the Gates fa...


    In May 2008, director and producer Jon Turteltaub stated that the filmmakers involved with the series will take their time in developing another National Treasure sequel. By September 2008, producer Jerry Bruckheimer officially confirmed that a third film is under development, with a script being written that November. In May 2010, Bruckheimer stated that the first draft of the screenplay was completed. In May 2016, Nicolas Cage confirmed the film was still undergoing rewrites and fact-checki...

    National Treasure: Edge of History

    In May 2020, Jerry Bruckheimer announced that a Disney+ exclusive streaming services television series was in development. The series will feature a younger cast, with the pilot episode scripted and the additional episodes currently outlined. By March 2021, the series was green-lit with a 10-episode order from The Walt Disney Company. Co-written by Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, the pilot episode will be directed by Mira Nair. The series follows a Hispanic Latina-American lead character named...

    Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Gates (portrayed by Nicolas Cage) – Benjamin Gates is the protagonist of the films. Ben has heard stories about the Templar Treasure from his grandfather ever since he was a...
    Riley Poole (portrayed by Justin Bartha) – Riley Poole is the best friend of Ben Gates, and co-finder of both the Templar Treasure and the City of Gold. Ben and his financier Ian Howe find Riley wo...
    Abigail Chase (portrayed by Diane Kruger) – Abigail Chase is a German American employee at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and the girlfriend of Benjamin Gates. The two meet during Ben's...
    Patrick Henry Gates (portrayed by Jon Voight) – Patrick Henry Gates is the father of Benjamin Gates, named for Patrick Henry. He doesn't believe in the treasures at first, thinking that the clues w...


    Though a literature adaptation was never released for the first film, a novelization of the second titled National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets – The Junior Novel was released on November 6, 2007.Parts of the story in the novel version differ slightly from what was actually filmed, owing to changes being made in the screenplay prior to and during production.

    Book series

    The franchise expanded with the release of a series of historical-fiction novels, written by Catherine Hapka and published by Disney Press. The series centers around the ancestors of the Gates Family.


    The following is a table listing the awards and nominations received by National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

    National Treasure at IMDb
    National Treasure: Book of Secrets at IMDb
    National Treasure 2: Book of SecretsOfficial Site
  4. Living National Treasure (Ningen Kokuhō) is a Japanese popular term for those individuals certified as Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (重要無形文化財保持者, Jūyō Mukei Bunkazai Hojisha) by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as based on Japan's Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties (文化財保護法, Bunkazai Hogohō).

  5. › wiki › Blue_jayBlue jay - Wikipedia

    The blue jay ( Cyanocitta cristata) is a passerine bird in the family Corvidae, native to eastern North America. It lives in most of the eastern and central United States; some eastern populations may be migratory. Resident populations are also in Newfoundland, Canada; breeding populations are found across southern Canada.

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