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  1. 2018年1月22日 · The actress who played the role of Carolina is Jenny Pellicer. Find out all you need to know about this beautiful actress right here! In a movie where the spotlight was on Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character, Griselda Blanco, it was Jenny Pellicer’s role has got everyone talking!

  2. 2018年9月7日 · The social media star claims that a guy was stalking her for 10 years since she was in the second grade. He was allegedly later arrested, but she is not sure if she still stalks her or not. Growing up, she didn’t watch much TV or movies, so she had no clue who big stars like Kevin Spacey or Alicia Silverstone were.

    • Female
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Youtube Vlogger
    • 1998/06/24
  3. 2018年5月31日 · Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet about former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett has led to the cancellation of her highly rated TV show, Roseanne. But the controversy is far from over. In fact, it has put her past behavior directly back in the spotlight.

  4. 2019年5月16日 · Boonk Gang is a rapper-turned-Internet celebrity who achieved fame through some outrageously absurd means. For instance, his latest stunt had very painful consequences. Now Internet users are wondering what happened to Boonk Gang. If you’re one of them, or simply curious about this new personality, here’s a primer on Boonk Gang. Who Is Boonk Gang?

  5. 2021年8月6日 · Monica Hughes and Eric Mangin married when they were 19. They’ve been together for over two decades. On her blog, Monica recalled creating one of her earliest DIY projects for their first anniversary. Years later, she shared the same project, called The Game of Love, on her blog, and it went viral in 2013.

  6. 2017年11月29日 · According to reports, Paramount is making a film based on the Rolling Stone article. Lisette Lee, a Beverly Hills socialite turned drug trafficker, was released from prison two years ago. Find out more details about where Lisette Lee is now.

  7. 2021年7月6日 · Nina Ghaibi’s Family and Ethnicity. Nina Ghaibi was born on June 19, 2000. She is one of two girls born to Karim and Jasmina Ghaibi. The family is based in Huntersville, North Carolina. Nina and her sister, Cilia Ghaibi, have Croatian ancestry and represent Morocco in the equestrian sport. Advertisement.