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  1. Early life and education Hwang In-youp was born in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do in South Korea on January 19, 1991. He is the oldest son; his brother, who is three years younger, is a producer and singer-songwriter who goes by the name Inof. Hwang lived in Davao City, Philippines during his high school and college years, going by the English name Ryan Leon.

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    Republic of China. Alma mater. National Chengchi University. University of Michigan. Liu I-chou ( Chinese: 劉義周; pinyin: Liú Yìzhōu) is a Taiwanese politician. He was the acting chairperson and subsequently the chairperson [1] of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the Republic of China since 1 August 2014 until 3 November 2017.

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    Dorothiea Hundley was born and raised in Radford, Virginia, having, she recalled, "a plain, normal childhood" with two siblings, a brother and sister. She describes her ancestry as Cherokee and Irish. Nicknamed "Dottie," she won a high-school beauty pageant, being named Ms. Hopewell High Schoolor Miss Hopewell High School (accounts vary) and became...

    She described her entry into pornographic films, following her move from the East Coast to Las Vegas and then to Los Angeles, Seka's early pornographic pseudonyms included Linda Grasser. She eventually adopted the screen name Seka, after a female blackjack dealer she knew in Las Vegas. (She married actor-turned-director Kenneth M. Yontz the year af...

    Aside from her marriages to Frank Patton (1972 to no later than 1977), Patrick Connelly (1987) and Kenneth M. Yontz (1978–80), Seka dated comedian Sam Kinison in the mid-'80s. She credited him for arranging an appearance with him on Saturday Night Live. In the DVD commentary for his film, director Paul Thomas Anderson stated that she was the main i...

    Seka is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame, and the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame. In the 2000 film Charlie's Angels, Drew Barrymore's character, Dylan Sanders, wears a disguise while at a racetrack, that made her resembleSeka. Electronic musician Aphex Twin sampled Seka for the track "Come on You Slags!" from his album ...I Care Because ...

    Teenage Desires(1978) (footage from 1974)
    Heavenly Desire(1979) (film debut)
    Rockin' with Seka(1980)
    Seka at IMDb
    Seka at the Internet Adult Film Database
    Seka at the Adult Film Database
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    The United States Navy began its efforts to develop an aircraft carrier-based UAV in 2006. The original UCLASS concept was for a stealthy strike platform capable of penetrating enemy air defenses. In 2012, lethality and strike requirements were diluted in order to create an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)-oriented aircraft that could be developed quickly to conduct low-intensity counter-terrorismmissions. On 1 February 2016, after delays over whether the UCLASS would speci...


    Boeing secretly finished building its wing-body-tail in 2014 when the UCLASS program was paused, and revived it for the CBARS mission.On 19 December 2017, Boeing unveiled its prototype aircraft entrant that incorporated lessons learned from the Boeing Phantom Ray flying wing and its other unmanned aerial systems.Boeing's MQ-25 design is not new for the tanking mission, but Boeing says that was considered when designing it. General Atomics proposed their Sea Avenger concept which was enlarged...

    Flight testing

    In late April 2019, the first MQ-25 test aircraft (T-1 or "Tail 1") was taken by road from Boeing's technical plant at St. Louis's Lambert International Airport across the Mississippi River to MidAmerica St. Louis Airport, which is conjoined to Scott Air Force Base. Following taxi tests, the Federal Aviation Administrationcertified the aircraft and granted airspace for flight testing. The MQ-25 took its first flight on 19 September 2019. In December 2020, Boeing released video showing the fir...

    Boeing's MQ-25 design is powered by one Rolls-Royce AE 3007N turbofan engine delivering 10,000 lbf (44 kN) of thrust; this is a variant of the engine used to power the Navy's MQ-4C Triton. The aircraft is less stealthy than flying wing UAVs. It does feature a stealthy fuselage shaping, flush inlet to shield engine blades from radar and V-tail.

    As of 2020[update] the United States Navy planned to establish Unmanned Carrier Launched Multi-Role Squadron 10 (VUQ-10) in October 2021 with four aircraft. The new unit was to be based at Naval Base Ventura County (which includes Naval Air Station Point Mugu).

    United States 1. United States Navy- 72 aircraft planned, the first Fleet Replacement Squadron, VUQ-10, stood up at Naval Air Station Point Mugu on 1 October 2021. Two operational units, VUQ-11 and VUQ-12 are planned to stand up on late dates 1.1. Pacific Fleet Squadrons 1.1.1. VUQ-10 (Fleet Replacement Squadron) 1.2. Planned Squadrons 1.2.1. VUQ-1...

    Data from NAVAIRand USN MQ-25A Basing Draft Environmental Assessment General characteristics 1. Length:51.0 ft (15.5 m) 2. Wingspan:75.0 ft (22.9 m) wings extended, 31.3 ft (9.54 m) folded 3. Height:9.8 ft (3.0 m) wings extended, 15.7 ft (4.79 m) folded 4. Powerplant: 1 × Rolls-Royce AE 3007N turbofan, >10,000 lbf (>44 kN) thrust Performance 1. Ran...

    Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era 1. General Atomics Sea Avenger 2. Lockheed Martin Sea Ghost 3. Boeing Airpower Teaming System 4. Baykar Bayraktar Kızılelma Related lists 1. Stealth aircraft#List of stealth aircraft

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    In China, there are several different folk stories explaining the origin of jiaoziand its name. Traditionally, jiaozi were thought to be invented during the era of the Eastern Han (AD 25–220) by Zhang Zhongjing who was a great practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Jiaozi were originally referred to as "tender ears" (Chinese: 嬌耳; pinyin: jia...

    Chinese dumplings (jiaozi)may be divided into various types depending on how they are cooked: 1. Boiled dumplings (simplified Chinese: 水饺; traditional Chinese: 水餃; pinyin: shuǐjiǎo; lit.'water dumpling') 2. Steamed dumplings (simplified Chinese: 蒸饺; traditional Chinese: 蒸餃; pinyin: zhēngjiǎo; lit.'steam dumpling') 3. Pan-fried dumplings (simplified...

    Common dumpling meat fillings include chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, and fish which are usually mixed with chopped vegetables. Popular vegetable fillings include napa cabbage, scallion (spring onions), celery, leek, spinach, mushroom, carrot, garlic chives, and edible black fungus.

    There are many ways to fold jiaozi. Basically, steps for folding the skin includes putting a single pleat in the middle, putting multiple pleats along the edge, making a wavy edge like a pie crust, turning a pleated edge in toward the body resulting in a rounded edge, and putting both ends together resulting in a round shape.[citation needed] Diffe...


    Jiaozi is called gaau ji in Cantonese and are standard fare in Guangdong style dim sum. The immediate noted difference to Northern style is that they are smaller and wrapped in a thinner translucent skin, and usually steamed. The smaller size and the thinner wrapper make the dumplings easier to cook through with steaming. In contrast to jiaozi, Guangdong gaau ji are rarely home-made because the wrapper, which needs to be thin but tough enough to not break, is more difficult to make. Many type...


    Guotie (Chinese: 鍋貼; pinyin: guōtiē; lit. 'pot stick') are a northern Chinese style dumpling popular as a street food, appetizer, or side order in Chinese cuisine. Guotie differs from pan fried dumplings, or jianjiao, in that the shape of guotie is usually elongated and the two ends are often left open. Guotie is sometimes served on a dim sum menu, but may be offered independently. The filling for both guotie and jianjiao usually contains pork (sometimes chicken, or beef in Muslim areas), cab...


    Gyoza are a Japanese version of jiaozi that were developed from recipes brought back by Japanese soldiers returning from the Japanese-backed puppet state of Manchukuo in northeastern China during World War II. The Japanese word gyōza derives from giǎoze, the Jilu Mandarin pronunciation of the standard Mandarin jiǎozi, and is often written using the same Chinese characters. The prevalent differences between Japanese-style gyōza and Chinese-style jiaozi are the rich garlic flavor, which is less...

    Jiaozi are often confused with wonton. Jiaozi have a thicker skin and a relatively flatter, more oblate, double-saucer like shape, and are usually eaten with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce (and/or hot chili sauce), while wontons have thinner skin and are usually served in broth as soup. The dough for the jiaozi and wonton wrappers also consist of diff...

  4. McCune–Reischauer. Hwang Miyŏng. Signature. Stephanie Young Hwang (born August 1, 1989), known professionally as Tiffany or Tiffany Young, [3] is an American singer-songwriter. Born and raised in California, she was discovered by South Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment at the age of fifteen and subsequently moved to South Korea.

  5. t. e. The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of the ( chemical) elements, is a rows and columns arrangement of the chemical elements. It is widely used in chemistry, physics, and other sciences, and is generally seen as an icon of chemistry. It is a graphic formulation of the periodic law, which states that the properties of the ...

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