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    輕鬆跨越那條線~隨時與人連結. 即時上線與人聊天,讓你有戀愛的感覺...


  1. 2024年5月19日 · List of games we own

  2. Alternative, Simplified Scoring | Israeli Whist. The original scoring system is interesting, but it's also a bit convoluted. This is a slightly simpler scoring system, it does a couple things differently: - Negative scores should be very rare, which will not effect overall standings but will make scores generally increase every hand.

  3. Here I am a bit confused if this means there will be twice the amount of summons or if the summons are divided up into the rows of the players.

  4. 2024年5月19日 · This is a list of board games folks have committed to bring to the next gathering in 2024, which should avoid bringing duplicates and ensure we have a good mix for the table. Also, each entry has a brief note, with a link to a video "how to guide" and also narrative rules, reviews, etc. for any who want to learn a bit more ahead of time.

  5. 2024年5月18日 · F) Self explanatory. Important Note: Also be aware of Long Range Activation, which can occur at a range of 16 or less if the ENEMY S? would have an IFT drm of -2 or less (see rule 5.32) New SASL players often overlook this rule, which can generate a nasty enemy MG nest at long range. Tip.

  6. 2024年5月18日 · Damien Barber. Since playing an ally/ ruler ability is done first, can you play one even with no cards to say get rid of a card from score pile or to gain cards?

  7. 2024年5月20日 · If a Druid brewed a Potion or tamed Animals, they place one of their markers on the tile. If one of them is already placed on the tile, the player does not place another one. Yes you can use the Nemeton effect a second time but you will not place a second druid marker.