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  1. Kiyomizu-dera. /  34.99500°N 135.78500°E  / 34.99500; 135.78500. /  34.99500°N 135.78500°E  / 34.99500; 135.78500. Kiyomizu-dera ( Japanese: 清水寺) is a Buddhist temple located in eastern Kyoto, Japan. The temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities) UNESCO World Heritage site. [1]

  2. She later was featured in the Banana Republic "American Beauty" campaign. She became the first Asian model to walk for the highly influential catwalk Prada and also became the first minority model to open the show. [5] Shimizu was one of the stars of Foxfire, alongside Angelina Jolie. She also had a supporting role in Jamie Babbit 's 2007 film ...

    • 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
    • Model, actress
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    In mathematics, the result of the modulo operation is an equivalence class, and any member of the class may be chosen as representative; however, the usual representative is the least positive residue, the smallest non-negative integer that belongs to that class (i.e., the remainder of the Euclidean division). However, other conventions are possibl...

    Some calculators have a mod() function button, and many programming languages have a similar function, expressed as mod(a, n), for example. Some also support expressions that use "%", "mod", or "Mod" as a modulo or remainder operator, such as a % n or a mod n. For environments lacking a similar function, any of the three definitions above can be us...

    When the result of a modulo operation has the sign of the dividend (truncating definition), it can lead to surprising mistakes. For example, to test if an integer is odd, one might be inclined to test if the remainder by 2 is equal to 1: But in a language where modulo has the sign of the dividend, that is incorrect, because when n (the dividend) is...

    Modulo operations might be implemented such that a division with a remainder is calculated each time. For special cases, on some hardware, faster alternatives exist. For example, the modulo of powers of 2 can alternatively be expressed as a bitwise AND operation (assuming xis a positive integer, or using a non-truncating definition): 1. x % 2n == x...

    Some modulo operations can be factored or expanded similarly to other mathematical operations. This may be useful in cryptography proofs, such as the Diffie–Hellman key exchange. Some of these properties require that a and nare integers. 1. Identity: 1.1. (a mod n) mod n = a mod n. 1.2. nx mod n = 0 for all positive integer values of x. 1.3. If p i...

    In addition, many computer systems provide a divmod functionality, which produces the quotient and the remainder at the same time. Examples include the x86 architecture's IDIV instruction, the C programming language's div() function, and Python's divmod()function.

    Modulo with offset

    Sometimes it is useful for the result of a modulo n to lie not between 0 and n − 1, but between some number d and d + n − 1. In that case, d is called an offset. There does not seem to be a standard notation for this operation, so let us tentatively use a modd n. We thus have the following definition: x = a modd n just in case d ≤ x ≤ d + n − 1 and x mod n = a mod n. Clearly, the usual modulo operation corresponds to zero offset: a mod n = a mod0 n. The operation of modulo with offset is rela...

    Implementing other modulo definitions using truncation

    Despite the mathematical elegance of Knuth's floored division and Euclidean division, it is generally much more common to find a truncated division-based modulo in programming languages. Leijen provides the following algorithms for calculating the two divisions given a truncated integer division: For both cases, the remainder can be calculated independently of the quotient, but not vice versa. The operations are combined here to save screen space, as the logical branches are the same.

    Modulo (disambiguation) and modulo (jargon) – many uses of the word modulo, all of which grew out of Carl F. Gauss's introduction of modular arithmeticin 1801.
  3. › wiki › Béton_brutBéton brut - Wikipedia

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    The use of béton brut was pioneered by modernist architects such as Auguste Perret and Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier coined the term béton brut during the construction of Unité d'Habitation in Marseille, France built in 1952. The term began to spread widely after the British architectural critic Reyner Banham used it in the title of his 1966 book, The...

    After being cast, concrete will usually have a finishing treatment that smooths its surface, ridding it of any imperfections. In the case of béton brut, the concrete is left unfinished, expressing the pattern left by the formwork. Formwork is used in concrete construction as the frame for a structure in which fresh concrete is poured to then harden...

    Habitat 67, by Moshe Safdie, Montreal, Canada
    Reinanzaka House (1924) by Antonin Raymond
  4. › wiki › LuaLua - Wikipedia

    Lua people, of Laos. Lawa people, of Thailand sometimes referred to as Lua. Lua language (disambiguation), several languages (including Lua’) Luba-Kasai language, ISO 639 code. Lai (surname) (賴), Chinese, sometimes romanised as Lua.

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