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  1. 國泰醫療險推薦 相關

  2. 【友邦友醫靠】疾病住院+大小手術皆保障,假日事故加倍給付最高400萬,分散風險超安心。 醫療保單怎麼挑?友邦人壽高CP值首選【友邦人壽友醫靠】大小手術、疾病意外住院,保障一次滿足。

  3. 預算有限?還本醫療險就挑「醫諾千金」最超值:醫療x意外x還本x壽 4合1,花小錢買大保障,快來了解! 《醫諾千金》花小錢買對醫療險!住院最高5000/日,意外重大失能月領2萬,滿期再還本!立即了解

  1. Allion Healthcare. Allion Healthcare ( Nasdaq : ALLI) was the parent company of MOMSpharmacy based in Melville, New York primarily known for providing mail order HIV medications to patients who are primarily on Medicaid or the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Among the offerings is the MOMSPak in which the drugs are packed together in dated ...

    • 1983 (The Care Group), 1999 (Allion)
    • Melville, New York, United States of America
    • 190
    • US$341 Million (FY 2009)
  2. Cantel Medical Corporation is an American company which produces and sells medical equipment. The company is based in Little Falls, NJ. The company has three subsidiaries [citation needed] : MEDIVATORS, based in Minneapolis, MN, which sells Dialysis, Endoscope Reprocessing and Therapeutic Filtration. Crosstex, based in Hauppauge, NY, which ...

    • 2,693 (July 31, 2018)
    • US$871.92 million (2018)
  3. › wiki › KokutaiKokutai - Wikipedia

    • Etymology
    • Pre-1868
    • from 1868 to 1945
    • Post-1945
    • See Also
    • References

    Kokutai originated as a Sino-Japanese loanword from Chinese guoti (Chinese: 國體; pinyin: guótǐ; "state political system; national governmental structure"). The Japanese compound word joins koku(國, "country; nation; province; land") and tai(體, "body; substance; object; structure; form; style"). According to the Hanyu Da Cidian, the oldest guoti usage...

    The historical origins of kokutai go back to pre-1868 periods, especially the Edo period ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate(1603–1868). Aizawa Seishisai (会沢正志斎, 1782–1863) was an authority on Neo-Confucianism and leader of the Mitogaku (水戸学 "Mito School") that supported direct restoration of the Imperial House of Japan. He popularized the word kokutai...

    From 1868 to 1890

    Katō Hiroyuki (1836–1916) and Fukuzawa Yukichi (1835–1901) were Meiji periodscholars who analyzed the dominance of Western civilization and urged progress for the Japanese nation. In 1874, Katō wrote the Kokutai Shinron (国体新論 "New Theory of the National Body/Structure"), which criticized traditional Chinese and Japanese theories of government and, adopting Western theories of natural rights, proposed a constitutional monarchy for Japan. He contrasted between kokutai and seitai(政体 "government...

    Meiji Constitution

    The Constitution of the Empire of Japan of 1889 created a form of constitutional monarchy with the kokutai sovereign emperor and seitai organs of government. Article 4 declares that "the Emperor is the head of the Empire, combining in Himself the rights of sovereignty", uniting the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, although subject to the "consent of the Imperial Diet". This system utilized a democratic form, but in practice was closer to an absolute monarchy. The l...

    Taishō Democracy

    From the Xinhai Revolution to the enactment of the Peace Preservation Law (1911–1925), the most important pre-World War II democracy movement "Taishō Democracy" occurred. During the Taishō Democracy, the political theorist Sakuzō Yoshino (1878–1933) rejected Western democracy minshu shugi (民主主義 lit. "people rule principle/-ism") and proposed a compromise on imperial democracy minpon shugi (民本主義 "people based principle/-ism"). However, as Japanese nationalism grew, questions arose whether the...

    By the surrender of Japan in 1945, the significance of kokutai diminished. In autumn 1945, GHQ forbade circulation of the Kokutai no Hongi and repealed the Peace Preservation Law (15 October 1945). By the enactment of the Constitution of the State of Japan (3 May 1947), Tenno's sovereignty and the lèse-majestéwere repealed. Nevertheless, some autho...

    Brownlee, John S. "Four Stages of the Japanese Kokutai (National Essence)", 2000.
    Daikichi, Irokawa. The Culture of the Meiji Period. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1970.
    Gauntlett, John Owen and Hall, Robert King. Kokutai no hongi: cardinal principles of the national entity of Japan. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University press, 1949.
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    The four partners announced their intention to form an academic health science centre in April 2008. On 9 March 2009 the UK Department of Healthannounced that King's Health Partners would be one of six academic health science centres established in England.

    King's Health Partners incorporates some Medical Research Council centres,including the following: 1. MRC-Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma 2. MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology 3. MRC Centre for Neurodegenerative Research 4. MRC Centre for Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry 5. MRC Centre for Transplantation 6. MRC-H...

    King's College London GKT School of Medical Educationprovides core medical education at three King's Health Partners - Guy's Hospital, King's College Hospital and St Thomas' Hospital. King's Health Partners also collaborate with training and provide link education for other allied health professionals from other institutions.

    "King's Health Partners chief calls for academic health groups' protection". Health Service Journal. 18 April 2012. Retrieved 5 May 2012.

  4. Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet is one of the four main campuses of Oslo University Hospital in Oslo, Norway. It was an independent hospital, Rigshospitalet, later spelled Rikshospitalet ("The National Hospital"), from 1826 to 2009, when it merged with other university hospitals in Oslo. It is a highly specialized university hospital ...

  5. Hospitals in California. The Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center [1] is a hospital in Tarzana, California. The hospital's ownership changed in July 2008 when Tenet Healthcare sold it to the current owner, Providence Health & Services. [2] Previously, the hospital was one of the campuses of the Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center .

  1. 國泰醫療險推薦 相關
  2. 預算有限?還本醫療險就挑「醫諾千金」最超值:醫療x意外x還本x壽 4合1,花小錢買大保障,快來了解! 《醫諾千金》花小錢買對醫療險!住院最高5000/日,意外重大失能月領2萬,滿期再還本!立即了解