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    Thailand's official national lottery (Thai: สลากก นแบ ง, RTGS: salak kin baeng) is administered by The Government Lottery Office (GLO). The lottery is drawn on the first and the sixteenth of every month. It is one of only two forms of legalised gambling permitted in Thailand, the other being horse racing in Bangkok.

    • Lt. Col. Nhun Sansanakom, Director-General
    • 359 Nonthaburi Rd, Tha Sai Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi
    • Teams
    • Juniors
    • Sub-Group Competitions
    • Group 19 Rugby League

    Former clubs that once played in the area include: 1. Snowy River Bears 2. Cobargo Eels 3. Tuross Lakers

    Batemans Bay Tigers

    1. Ben Cross 2. Matthew Cross

    Bega Roosters

    1. Dale Finucane 2. Kezie Apps 3. Deon Apps

    Bombala Blue Heelers

    1. Ky Rodwell

    From the mid-1920s to the mid-1950s Rugby League was played in what became known as sub-group competitions.

    A senior Rugby League competition under the enumeration Group 19 ran from the post-war years until 1970. Participating teams included Bibbenluke, Bombala, Delegate, Jindabyne and (usually) Adaminaby. In most seasons two or three Cooma teams participated – the Cooma Rovers and St Patricks, Cooma Blues or Cooma Citizens. Employees engaged in the Snow...

    • Far South Coast Rugby League
    • Australia
    • El Gordo
    • United States
    • Europe
    • Philippines

    Spain's Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad (Spanish Christmas Lottery) is generally considered to be the world's largest lottery game, with the largest first prize/jackpot. In 2012, the first prize was €720 million (then US$941.8 million; $1.058 billion in 2020 dollars). The total prize pool in 2012 was €2.52 billion (US$3.297 billion; $3.704 billion...

    All lottery winnings are subject to Federal taxation (automatically reported to the Internal Revenue Service if the win is at least $600); many smaller jurisdictions also levy taxes. The IRS requires a minimum withholding of 24% of the prize (minus the wager) of any gambling win in excess of $5,000. However, the net for a major prize often is misle...

    Unlike in the United States, where lottery wins are taxed, European jackpots are generally tax-free (the lotteries themselves are taxed in other ways) and jackpots are paid in a lump sum. For example, in the United Kingdom's National Lottery, wagers are split between the game operator Camelot Group and the government, with Camelot distributing its ...

    On November 29, 2010, a Filipino bettor from Olongapo won Grand Lotto 6/55 using the "lucky pick" system, with a jackpot prize of ₱741.2 million.On October 14, 2018, two bettors from Albay and Eastern Samarwon the Ultra Lotto 6/58 and split the ₱1.18 billion (US$21.9 million) jackpot prize, the biggest jackpot won in the history of Philippine lotte...

    • Derivation
    • Time Averaged Density
    • Generalized Ponderomotive Force
    • Applications
    • Journals

    The derivation of the ponderomotive force expression proceeds as follows. Consider a particle under the action of a non-uniform electric field oscillating at frequency ω {\\displaystyle \\omega } in the x-direction. The equation of motion is given by: 1. x ¨ = g ( x ) cos ( ω t ) , {\\displaystyle {\\ddot {x}}=g(x)\\cos(\\omega t),} neglecting the effe...

    Instead of a single charged particle, there could be a gas of charged particles confined by the action of such a force. Such a gas of charged particles is called plasma. The distribution function and density of the plasma will fluctuate at the applied oscillating frequency and to obtain an exact solution, we need to solve the Vlasov Equation. But, ...

    Instead of just an oscillating field, a permanent field could also be present. In such a situation, the force equation of a charged particle becomes: 1. x ¨ = h ( x ) + g ( x ) cos ⁡ ( ω t ) {\\displaystyle {\\ddot {x}}=h(x)+g(x)\\cos(\\omega t)} To solve the above equation, we can make a similar assumption as we did for the case when h ( x ) = 0 {\\dis...

    The idea of a ponderomotive description of particles under the action of a time-varying field has applications in areas like: 1. Combined rf trap 2. High harmonic generation 3. Plasma accelerationof particles 4. Plasma propulsion engine especially the Electrodeless plasma thruster 5. Quadrupole ion trap 6. Terahertz time-domain spectroscopyas a sou...

    Cary, J. R.; Kaufman, A. N. (1981). "Ponderomotive effects in collisionless plasma: A Lie transform approach". Phys. Fluids. 24 (7): 1238. Bibcode:1981PhFl...24.1238C. doi:10.1063/1.863527.
    Grebogi, C.; Littlejohn, R. G. (1984). "Relativistic ponderomotive Hamiltonian". Phys. Fluids. 27 (8): 1996. Bibcode:1984PhFl...27.1996G. doi:10.1063/1.864855.
    Morales, G. J.; Lee, Y. C. (1974). "Ponderomotive-Force Effects in a Nonuniform Plasma". Phys. Rev. Lett. 33 (17): 1016–1019. Bibcode:1974PhRvL..33.1016M. doi:10.1103/physrevlett.33.1016.
    Lamb, B. M.; Morales, G. J. (1983). "Ponderomotive effects in nonneutral plasmas". Phys. Fluids. 26 (12): 3488. Bibcode:1983PhFl...26.3488L. doi:10.1063/1.864132. Archived from the originalon Septe...
    • Variants
    • Engines on Display
    • References
    Artouste I
    Artouste II
    Artouste IIB, IIB1
    Artouste IIC, IIC1, IIC2, IIC5, IIC6

    A Turbomeca Artouste is on public display at: 1. The Helicopter Museum (Weston) 2. Aviodrome - Lelystad Airport - The Netherlands

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    Diosmectite (brand names Smecta, Smecdral) is a natural silicate of aluminium and magnesium used as an intestinal adsorbent in the treatment of several gastrointestinal diseases, including infectious and non-infectious acute and chronic diarrhoea, including irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea subtype. Other uses include: chronic diarrhea caused ...

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    Diopside is a precursor of chrysotile (white asbestos) by hydrothermal alteration and magmatic differentiation; it can react with hydrous solutions of magnesium and chlorine to yield chrysotile by heating at 600 C for three days. Some vermiculite deposits, most notably those in Libby, Montana, are contaminated with chrysotile (as well as other forms of asbestos) that formed from diopside.