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  1. › wiki › Thai_lotteryThai lottery - Wikipedia

    Thailand's official national lottery ( Thai: สลากกินแบ่ง, RTGS : salak kin baeng) is administered by The Government Lottery Office (GLO). The lottery is drawn on the first and the sixteenth of every month. It is one of only two forms of legalised gambling permitted in Thailand, the other being horse racing in Bangkok.

    • Lt. Col. Nhun Sansanakom, Director-General
    • 359 Nonthaburi Rd, Tha Sai Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi
  2. 大樂透 - 台灣彩券

    最新一期中獎號碼 111 年 6 月 24 日 (期別:111000060)

    頭獎得獎人數 -

    開獎時間 每週二、週五 晚間8:30

  3. › wiki › DiopsideDiopside - Wikipedia

    • Formation
    • as A Gem
    • Etymology and History
    • Potential Uses
    • References

    Diopside is found in ultramafic (kimberlite and peridotite) igneous rocks, and diopside-rich augite is common in mafic rocks, such as olivine basalt and andesite. Diopside is also found in a variety of metamorphic rocks, such as in contact metamorphosed skarns developed from high silica dolomites. It is an important mineral in the Earth's mantle an...

    Gemstone quality diopside is found in two forms: black star diopside and chrome diopside (which includes chromium, giving it a rich green color). At 5.5–6.5 on the Mohs scale, chrome diopside is relatively soft to scratch. Due to the deep green color of the gem, they are sometimes referred to as Siberian emeralds, although they are on a mineralogic...

    Diopside derives its name from the Greek dis, "twice", and òpsè, "face" in reference to the two ways of orienting the vertical prism. Diopside was discovered and first described about 1800, by Brazilian naturalist Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva.

    Diopside based ceramics and glass-ceramics have potential applications in various technological areas. A diopside based glass-ceramic named 'silceram' was produced by scientists from Imperial College, UK during the 1980s from blast furnace slag and other waste products. They also produced glass-ceramic is a potential structural material. Similarly,...

    S. Carter, C.B. Ponton, R.D. Rawlings, P.S. Rogers, Microstructure, chemistry, elastic properties and internal-friction of silceram glass-ceramics, Journal of Materials Science 23 (1988) 2622-2630.
    T. Nonami, S. Tsutsumi, Study of diopside ceramics for biomaterials, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 10 (1999) 475-479.
    A. Goel, D.U. Tulyaganov, V.V. Kharton, A.A. Yaremchenko, J.M.F. Ferreira, Electrical behaviour of aluminosilicate glass-ceramic sealants and their interaction with metallic SOFC interconnects, Jou...
    Hurlbut, Cornelius S.; Klein, Cornelis, 1985, Manual of Mineralogy, 20th ed., Wiley, pp 403–404, ISBN 0-471-80580-7
    • 5.5 - 6.5
    • Prismatic (2/m), (same H-M symbol)
    • Biaxial (+)
    • Monoclinic
    • Plot
    • Cast
    • Production
    • Reception

    Everything Sucks! revolves around students at Boring High Schoolin Oregon in 1996; centering around the A/V Club, and the Drama Club, with both groups seen as misfits. Luke O'Neil is a freshman at Boring, along with his best friends, McQuaid, a pessimistic geek, and Tyler Bowen, a squeaky-voiced, immature teen. Immediately, the boys are seen as soc...

    Main cast

    1. Jahi Di'Allo Winston as Luke O'Neil, a freshman in A/V club who has a crush on Kate Messner. His father, Leroy, abandoned him and his mother when he was a child. 2. Peyton Kennedyas Kate Messner, the daughter of the principal and a sophomore in A/V club. She starts questioning her sexuality and develops a crush on Emaline Addario. 3. Patch Darragh as Ken Messner, the principal and Kate's dad who starts to connect with Sherry, Luke's mother. His wife, Kate's mother, died when Kate was five....

    Recurring cast

    1. Abi Brittle as Leslie, a religious member of A/V club, who is friends with Kate and later develops a crush on Tyler 2. Jalon Howard as Cedric, a member of the drama club 3. Connor Muhl as Scott Pocket, a pervy student who reads the morning announcements with Jessica 4. Nicole McCullough as Jessica Betts, a perfectionist who reads the morning announcements with Scott 5. Ben York Jonesas Mr. Stargrove, the quirky A/V club teacher

    Guest stars

    1. Zachary Ray Sherman as Leroy O'Neil, Luke's father who left when he was 7 years old 2. Jen Tayloras Miss Stock, a teacher of Boring High School

    Filming for the series took place in Oregon in the towns of Boring, Oregon City, Portland and at Fort Rock State Natural Area near Bend in summer 2017. The crew managed to film in a real Blockbuster in Sandywhich eventually closed after they finished shooting.

    Everything Sucks! received positive reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave the first season an approval rating of 72% based on 47 reviews, and an average rating of 6.1/10. The site's critical consensus states, "A flawed series that ticks off all the nostalgia boxes, Everything Sucks! still manages to tug at the heartstrings." Metacritic gave th...

  4. › wiki › EurystheusEurystheus - Wikipedia

    • Family
    • Mythology
    • Eurystheus in Euripides
    • in Popular Culture
    • References

    Eurystheus was the son of King Sthenelus and Nicippe (also called Antibia or Archippe), and he was a grandson of the hero Perseus. His sisters were Alcyone and Medusa, and he married Antimache, daughter of Amphidamas of Arcadia. Their children were Admete, Alexander, Iphimedon, Eurybius, Mentor, Perimedes and Eurypylus.

    Labours of Heracles

    In the contest of wills between Hera and Zeus over whose candidate would be hero, fated to defeat the remaining creatures representing an old order and bring about the reign of the Twelve Olympians, Eurystheus was Hera's candidate and Heracles—though his name implies that at one archaic stage of myth-making he had carried "Hera's fame"—was the candidate of Zeus. The arena for the actions that would bring about this deep change are the Twelve Labors imposed on Heracles by Eurystheus. The immed...


    After Heracles died, Eurystheus remained bitter over the indignity the hero had caused him. He attempted to destroy Heracles' many children (the Heracleidae, led by Hyllus), who fled to Athens. He attacked the city but was soundly defeated, and Eurystheus and his sons were killed. Though it is widely told that Hyllus killed Eurystheus, the stories about the killer of Eurystheus and the fate of his corpse vary, but the Athenians believed the burial site of Eurystheus remained on their soil and...

    Eurystheus was a character in Heracleidae, a play by Euripides. Macaria, one of the daughters of Heracles, and her brothers and sisters hid from Eurystheus in Athens, which was ruled by King Demophon. As Eurystheus prepared to attack, an oracle told Demophon that he would win if and only if a noble woman was sacrificed to Persephone. Macaria volunt...

    Eurysteus appears in the 1958 film Hercules and is portrayed by Italian actor Arturo Dominici. In contrast to the character's mythology, the Eurysteus depicted in the film is only a supporting char...
    Eurystheus appears in the 1960 film Goliath and the Dragon portrayed by Broderick Crawford. In this second known film appearance, he is depicted as a warlord set on conquering Thebes and becoming i...
    Eurystheus appears in the 2014 film Hercules portrayed by Joseph Fiennes. Here, Eurystheus (depicted as King of Athens in 361 BC, when the city was actually a democracy) is responsible for the deat...
    Apollodorus, The Library with an English Translation by Sir James George Frazer, F.B.A., F.R.S. in 2 Volumes, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann Ltd. 1921. ISBN 0-67...
    Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History translated by Charles Henry Oldfather. Twelve volumes. Loeb Classical Library. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press; London: William Heinemann...
    Diodorus Siculus, Bibliotheca Historica. Vol 1-2. Immanel Bekker. Ludwig Dindorf. Friedrich Vogel. in aedibus B. G. Teubneri. Leipzig. 1888-1890. Greek text available at the Perseus Digital Library.
    Euripides, Heracleidae with an English translation by David Kovacs. Cambridge. Harvard University Press. 1994. Online version at the Perseus Digital Library. Greek text available from the same webs...
  5. › wiki › DiosmectiteDiosmectite - Wikipedia

    Diosmectite (brand names Smecta, Smecdral) is a natural silicate of aluminium and magnesium used as an intestinal adsorbent in the treatment of several gastrointestinal diseases, including infectious and non-infectious acute and chronic diarrhoea, including irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea subtype. Other uses include: chronic diarrhea caused ...

  6. Artouste Turbomeca Artouste IIIB Type Turboshaft National origin France Manufacturer Turbomeca First run 1947 Major applications Aérospatiale Alouette II The Turbomeca Artouste is an early French turboshaft engine, first run in 1947. Originally conceived as an auxiliary power unit (APU), it was soon adapted to aircraft propulsion, and found a niche as a powerplant for turboshaft-driven ...

  7. The Turbomeca Arrius is one of a family of turboshaft engines for helicopter use, first produced in 1981. As of 2012, some 2,700 units had been sold. Power ranges between 357 kW (479 shp) and 530 kW (716 shp) for different versions. Following Turbomeca tradition, the Arrius was named after a Pyrenean peak (pic d'Arrius), located in the Ossau Valley near Pau

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