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  1. 大樂透 - 最新一期中獎號碼

    民國113年07月12日 (期別:113000069)
    頭獎得獎人數: -
    • 2
    • 13
    • 19
    • 33
    • 46
    • 49
    • 23
    開獎時間 每週二、週五 晚間 8:30
  2. A DHT is a hash table that partitions the keyspace and distributes the parts across a set of nodes. For any new content added to the network, a hash (k) is calculated and a message is sent to any node participating in the DHT. This message is forwarded from node to node until it reaches the node responsible for k.

  3. "Alastair Fuad-Luke is Professor of Emerging Design Practices at Aalto University in Helsinki exploring new ways of designing with the city municipality of Lahti, Finland. He has a long history of working in different positions within sustainable design, co-design and design activism.

  4. 2008年3月20日 · Four Levels of Learning - P2P Foundation. As proposed by Gregory Bateson. Description. By Jonas Andersen: "Here is a brief overview of the logical categories of learning and communication, which he calls ‘Learning Zero-III’. Learning Zero – Causality: The best description of categories of learning and communication starts with what it is not.

  5. 2024年4月16日 · San Pisith is a Buddhist Monk and an Early Stage Researcher at Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance. He has joined the Cosmolocalism project since September 2019 to pursue a Ph.D. at TalTech, Estonia. His Ph.D. thesis focuses on Buddhist Economics, Buddhist Governance, Commons, and Happiness and Public Purpose.

  6. Description. "The diamond is a map that points to three phases that groups pass through as they move from questions to insights. Groups begin with divergent thinking, sit for a while in the chaos and uncertainty of “The Groan Zone” and later move into convergent thinking."

  7. Abstract. "Can efforts to eradicate inequality in wealth and education eliminate intergenerational persistence of socioeconomic status? The Chinese Communist Revolution and Cultural Revolution aimed to do exactly that.

  8. Description. Jay Weinstein: "Political psychologist Kristen Monroe has provided a significant contribution to the literature on altruism. In The Heart of Altruism: Perceptions of a Common Humanity, she defines altruism as "behavior intended to benefit another, even when this risks possible sacrifice to the welfare of the actor."

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