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  1. A puzzly infiltration game for 1-4 players, burncycle puts you in command of a team of robots in the far future. Their mission: taking down evil, human-run corporations responsible for subjugating AI under their heel. Your team arrives at each corporate headquarters and must sneak inside, shutting down the companies' physical operations as well ...

  2. 1 Game Board. 150 Ownership Markers (30 each of 5 colors) 90 Shop Tiles. 1 Year Marker -- rules change: 9 Business Outlook cards replaced with one Year (round) Marker. 1 Linen Bag. Mini cards: 5 Player Aid. 85 Building. 84 Money $6600k total -- 18 x $200k, 18 x $100k, 18 x $5k, and 30 x $10k.

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