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  1. 2021年4月12日 · Many will agree that there are unsettling implications for a society in which the belief in the shared character traits of people from the same group identity category has been formally legitimized through systematic instruction (education), relentless exposure (traditional media and social media), and official public policy (government).

  2. • Wang XR (2016) The clash of environmentalism, neoliberalism , and socialism: a research on practices and ideologies in China’s sustainability accounting for agriculture. (Dir J. Richard) Un Paris Dauphine • Bardy J (2018) Le concept comptable de passif environnemental, miroir du risque environnemental de l’entreprise .

  3. Discussion. "The tension between the ideals and practices of autonomous education projects is theorized most explicitly in Stefano Harney and Fred Moten’s eloquent essay. This tension is built into the concept of “undercommons”, which raises the question of how the subversive intellectual can be *in* but not *of* the university, i.e ...

  4. Description. 1. Pat Conaty: "In Not Alone we explored how to bring together co-operative approaches with the additional clout of trade union power. What we found is that such a mission to integrate trade union and co-operative provision is gaining traction in the US with a range of emerging ‘union co-op’ models.

  5. 2020年2月6日 · Description Jamie Ranger: "Pettman argues that the contemporary subject is being guided by “hypermodulation: the attempt to distract us from the fact that we are indeed being synchronized to an unprecedented degree” (Pettman 2016, 130). The contention is that ...

  6. KaZaA, BitTorrent e.d. oftewel netwerken waar mensen direct met elkaar mp3's, video's, films, games etc met elkaar uitwisselen zonder dat daar uitgevers of andere bedrijven aan te pas komen. P2P bij banking draait om mensen die elkaar geld lenen via internet.

  7. Description. Chris Dew : "The Internet of Things is the foundational intelligent infrastructure of the new economy — integrating a Communications Internet, Energy Internet and Logistics Internet into a single IoT operating system. Hundreds of billions of consumer products will eventually be connected to the internet and to one another ...

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