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    Wikipedia is a free content online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as Wikipedians, through open collaboration and the wiki software MediaWiki.Wikipedia is the largest and most-read reference work in history, and is consistently ranked among the ten most visited websites; as of May 2024, it was ranked fifth by Semrush, and sixth by Similarweb.

  2. File:Sexual intercourse in the woman on top position.webm. Size of this JPG preview of this WEBM file: 336 × 600 pixels. Other resolutions: 134 × 239 pixels | 605 × 1,080 pixels. Original file ‎ (WebM audio/video file, VP8/Vorbis, length 1 min 33 s, 605 × 1,080 pixels, 2.16 Mbps overall, file size: 23.83 MB) This is a file from the ...

  3. Typographical symbols and punctuation marks are marks and symbols used in typography with a variety of purposes such as to help with legibility and accessibility, or to identify special cases. This list gives those most commonly encountered with Latin script. For a far more comprehensive list of symbols and signs, see List of Unicode characters.

  4. Alan Wace (13 July 1879 – 9 November 1957) was an English archaeologist who served as director of the British School at Athens between 1914 and 1923. He excavated widely in Thessaly, Laconia and Egypt, and at the Bronze Age site of Mycenae in Greece. Along with Carl Blegen, Wace argued against the established scholarly view that Minoan Crete ...

  5. The president of the United States is the head of state and head of government of the United States, [1] indirectly elected to a four-year term via the Electoral College. [2] The officeholder leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. [3]

  6. NATO has 12 original founding member states. Three more members joined between 1952 and 1955, and a fourth joined in 1982. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has added 16 more members from 1999 to 2024. [2] NATO currently recognizes Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Ukraine as aspiring members as part of their Open Doors enlargement policy. [3]

  7. " Espresso " is a song by American singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter. It was released on April 11, 2024, through Island Records, as the lead single from her upcoming sixth studio album, Short n' Sweet (2024). She wrote the song along with Amy Allen, Steph Jones, and Julian Bunetta, and the latter handled production.