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    立即預訂可慳更多,Agoda®一直保證最低價! 我們全天候為你提供協助,出走都唔會注定一人! ...

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  3. 過去一個月已有 超過 100 萬 位使用者造訪過 提供超豐富的住宿類型任你挑. 預訂住宿-全球超過兩百萬間住宿任你挑...


  1. Honors. Final selection Expert Game 2015. DETAILED COMPONENTS: Cardboard: 1 Game board (42x30cm) 1 Action board (29.5x21cm) 4 Hotel boards (player boards, double-sided day/night; 21x26cm) 84 Room tiles in three colors (30x30mm; blue, red, yellow; double-sided free/occupied)

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    2022年10月6日 · Townsfolk Wanted! 派遣小鎮 》 ?遊戲人數: 2-4? | 遊玩時間: 40-80分鐘? ?遊戲介紹: 在《派遣小鎮》中玩家扮演公會長 透過各種工人幫忙探險與經商建立財富 遊戲最後最多財富的人就會名揚四海! ?機制: 公開輪選 隨機物件 成套蒐集 結束獎勵 ?前導介紹? 00:00 遊戲介紹 00:33 玩家設置 00:45 中央設置 01:31 遊戲 ...

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  4. A new 1-4 player cooperative board game by SlugFest Games! In Tales you will take on the role of one of the famous characters from The Red Dragon Inn series of games as they tackle their day job of being big damn heroes. The multi-scenario campaign pits the players against game-controlled enemies tailor-made for each illustrated fold-out game map.

  5. 2022年3月20日 · OFFICIAL FAQ. Here's a compilation of some official answers from the developers: 1) Level up step - KO'ed hero: Even KO'd you do level up as long as you have enough xp for that. Also you always revive at 3 Health, so if you increase your max health due to the Level Up you still get back with 3 Health.

  6. Place the Trophy board and 5 Trophies along one edge of the gameboard. Place the Ocean board along one edge and put 30 Longships into a bag, drawing out 5 and placing them on Ocean spaces. Create a reserve for Resources (Axes, Wood, Sheep, and Gold). Each player selects a color and takes components: 1 Fjord, 13 Vikings, and 3 Shields.

  7. 2022年7月5日 · Mole is apparently a character that is or was in testing but hasn't been officially released. Its ability is something like that they are a Good Townsfolk who registers as an Evil minion, meaning they wake up at the start of the first night and learn who all the other Evil players are. However, if at any time the Demon publicly guesses that you ...

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