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  1. 2022/8/4 · Ambriz began her professional career as a broadcast meteorologist at Jackson, Tennessee’s WBBJ-TV in 2015. She left the station in 2017 to work as a meteorologist at West Virginia station WSAZ-TV before moving to Denver, Colorado, in 2019 to join WeatherNation. The talented weather forecaster has been part of the WeatherNation team since then.

  2. 2022/8/29 · Now the fantastic reporter is moving to the next step of her career. Whitney Burney announced she is leaving WOOD-TV in September 2022. Her early announcement surprised News 8 viewers. They want to know where the news anchor is going next and if her new job is also taking her away from Grand Rapids. Here’s what Burney said about her departure ...

  3. 2022/6/17 · I’m not leaving Seattle. With Seattle as one of the host cities of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, Daniels is now staying on top of the KING 5 coverage. With so much more to come in Seattle sports, there’s no stopping this veteran journalist. Chris Daniels announced that June 17 was his last day on-air at KING 5.

  4. 2022/10/3 · By: Caroline John - Published: October 3, 2022 at 6:51 am. Photo: microgen/envato. Nathalie Pozo moved out to Boston during the pandemic and became the local community’s favorite news anchor. Now she’s moving on to the next step of her career, and it’s closer to home. Nathalie Pozo announced she is leaving WCVB NewsCenter 5.

  5. 2022/8/1 · Huntington residents in West Virginia woke up to Melanie Shafer’s newscasts for at least 22 years. But that will end in August 2022. Melanie Shafer announced she is leaving WSAZ NewsChannel 3 and retiring from a three-decade-long career. The award-winning news anchor is an inspiration to young journalists, but she is also a strong voice of ...

  6. 2022/8/2 · Photo: microgen/envato. Phil Reed has been Eastern Iowa’s source for news for six years. But now, he’s moving on to the next step of his career. Phil Reed announced he is leaving KCRG-TV9, and Cedar Rapids residents naturally had questions. They want to know where he is going next and if his new job will also take him away from the city.

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