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  1. 2017年10月3日 · Ryan Weed Wiki: Facts to Know about Lindsey Stirling’s Ex-Boyfriend. Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless. Lindsey Stirling revealed that her guilty pleasure is cozying up in pajamas all day. Before her performance on Dancing with the Stars, the violinist also revealed that she just broke up with her boyfriend, Ryan Weed.

  2. 2017年4月10日 · JChosen on “The Voice:” Check Out His Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat. With The Knockouts almost over and the Road to Live Shows episode underway, fans are starting to see their favorite contestants on The Voice get either traded or eliminated.

  3. 2022年7月7日 · The year 2021 was a big one for Kolten Wong. In addition to signing a very lucrative contract with the Milwaukee Brewers, the second baseman celebrated six years of marriage with his college sweetheart, and he also became a new member of the MLB parents club. Kolten Wong’s wife, Alissa Wong, has been a staple in his career.

  4. 2020年9月25日 · Leva Bonaparte and John Pringle have been a part of the Charleston social scene for years, making them the perfect fit for Southern Charm. Charleston has been Leva Bonaparte’s adopted home for almost two decades after a life around the globe. This Leva Bonaparte wiki reveals what she will bring to Southern Charm.

  5. 2019年7月24日 · Last Chance U on Netflix chronicles the lives of college football players for a season. Season 4 returns to Independence Community College, and we’re absorbed into the lives of these Pirates who are looking for the better opportunities football gives them.

  6. 2021年12月29日 · After its success, Pizzolatto is a much-in-demand writer and producer. His first marriage to Amy failed, but after being singer Suzanne Santo’s beau for a while, he now is officially her fiancé. That’s right! Pizzolatto slipped the ring on Santo’s finger after she said an enthusiastic “Yes” to his proposal.

  7. 2020年2月17日 · Orange Is the New Black dedicated the penultimate episode of the final season, titled “The Big House,” to one Karen Reuter. OITNB superfans might find the name familiar, having seen it a few times.

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