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  1. 2018年1月16日 · The Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan was found dead in her room at the London Hilton on Park Lane on Monday, January 15. After months of speculation about her death, London authorities have now revealed that Dolores O’Riordan died by drowning.An inquest at London’s Westminster Coroner’s Court found that the late singer drowned in a bath due to alcohol intoxication.

  2. 2020年3月11日 · Shannan Gilbert’s disappearance and death in 2010 remain unsolved to date. But that hasn’t deterred her family from their crusade for the truth. Her mother, Mari Gilbert, fought to find out what happened to her daughter. And Mari’s battle and Shannan’s unsolved death are retold in Netflix’s cinematic dramatization, Lost Girls.

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    • 1986/10/24
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    • 2011/12/13
    • Who Is Hayley Marshall?
    • An Escape Plan
    • Making The Ultimate Sacrifice
    • Shaking Things Up A Bit!

    Phoebe Tonkin plays Hayley Marshall, a vampire-werewolf hybrid who has a daughter, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), with Klaus. She is the Alpha of her werewolf bloodline (and the rest of the Crescent pack), after being recognized as such after she married another Alpha, Jackson Kenner, who died in season 3. After watching the fifth episode of the sea...

    The mother-daughter duo comes up with a plan that involves binding Hayley’s werewolf side with a spell so that she would become a full vampire, and use that as a distraction to get the odds to turn in their favor. There the only problem is that, since Hayley is now a full vampire, she is vulnerable to the sun.

    The two have a final battle with Greta, in which Hayley sacrifices herself to save the life of her daughter. Hayley rips off Greta’s daylight ring, and flings them both into the sun, thus killing them both! But Hope is saved, and now carries the burden of knowing that her mother died to protect her.

    Hayley Marshall’s death came as a shock to many viewers, but showrunners planned it quite some time ago. One of their reasons to kill off Hayley was to have the opportunity to show how the other characters will react to her death, and how it will change them. It was also to bring the series to its conclusion and shake things up a bit. In that, they...

  3. 2020年1月16日 · His father, Dennis Hernandez, was reportedly an abusive alcoholic to Aaron and his brother, DJ, until he died. Dennis’ older sister, Ruth Valderrama, and her husband, Andre Valderrama, had two daughters, Jennifer Mercado and Tanya Singleton (then Tanya Cummings), who were older than Aaron. The family were all residents of Bristol, Connecticut.

  4. 2020年2月24日 · Peter Miles Was Present at Ken Miles’ Fatal Crash. Peter Miles was born on September 28, 1950 to Ken Miles and his wife, Mollie Miles. Peter was a month shy of his 15th birthday when he witnessed his father die in a fiery crash. As seen in Ford v Ferrari, a young Peter, who idolized his dad, and car designer Carroll Shelby were at Riverside ...

  5. 2019年12月25日 · The mother of Eddie’s eldest son, Eric, is his ex-girlfriend, Paulette McNeely, and his second son, Christian, was born to another ex-girlfriend, Tamara Hood. Following his divorce from Mitchell, he was locked in a paternity battle with Spice Girl Mel B over their daughter, Angel, born on Murphy’s 46th birthday on April 3, 2007.

  6. 2022年12月30日 · Hackett anchors weekday mornings with co-anchor Shelby Cashman, Alejandra Briones, and meteorologist Jonathan Conder. However, his time at the station is almost up now. Jason Hackett is leaving KOCO, and his last day is December 30, 2022. He has accepted a weekday morning anchor job at KARE 11 in Minneapolis.

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