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  1. Knorr (brand) - Wikipedia › wiki › Knorr_(brand)

    Knorr (/nɔːr/, German: [knɔʁ]) is a German food and beverage brand. It has been owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever since 2000, when Unilever acquired Best Foods, excluding Japan, where it is made under licence by Ajinomoto. It produces ...

  2. Beef noodle soup - Wikipedia › wiki › Beef_noodle_soup

    Beef noodle soup is a noodle soup made of stewed or braised beef, beef broth, vegetables and noodles.It exists in various forms throughout East and Southeast Asia.One of the oldest beef noodle soups is the Lanzhou lamian (兰州拉面) or Lanzhou ...

  3. Northern wobbegong - Wikipedia › wiki › Orectolobus_wardi

    The northern wobbegong (Orectolobus wardi) is a carpet shark in the family Orectolobidae, found in the western Pacific Ocean around Australia, between latitudes 9° S to 26° S. It reaches a length of 63 cm.

  4. Gordon Ramsay - Wikipedia › wiki › Gordon_Ramsay

    Gordon James Ramsay OBE (/ ˈ r æ m z iː /; born 8 November 1966) is a Scottish chef, restaurateur, television personality and writer.He was born in Johnstone, Scotland, and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.Ramsay founded his global ...

  5. Rendang - Wikipedia › wiki › Rendang

    Rendang Kelantan/Terengganu or kerutub daging: slow-cooked meat mixed with a unique spice known as kerutub, coconut milk, kerisik and some palm sugar. Rendang Nyonya: Peranakan version of rendang, a specialty of Peranakan. Rendang Sabah: uses ...

  6. Water - Wikipedia › wiki › Water

    Water (H2 O) is a polar inorganic compound that is at room temperature a tasteless and odorless liquid, nearly colorless with a hint of blue.This simplest hydrogen chalcogenide is by far the most studied chemical compound and is described as the ...

  7. Tainan - Wikipedia › wiki › Tainan

    Tainan, officially Tainan City, is a special municipality in southern Taiwan facing the Taiwan Strait on its western coast. Tainan is the oldest city on the island and also commonly known as the "Capital City" for its over 200 years of ...

  8. Penang Hokkien - Wikipedia › wiki › Peranakan_Hokkien
    • Orthography
    • Phonology
    • Literary and Colloquial pronunciations
    • Differences from Other Minnan Dialects
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    Penang Hokkien is largely a spoken language: it is rarely written in Chinese characters, and there is no official standard romanisation. In recent years, there has been a growing body of romanised Penang Hokkien material, however topics are mostly limited to the language itself such as dictionaries and learning materials. This is linked to efforts to preserve, revitalise and promote the language as part of Penang's cultural heritage, due to increasing awareness of the loss of Penang Hokkien usage among younger generations in favour of Mandarin and English. The standard romanisation systems commonly used in these materials are based on Tâi-lô and Pe̍h-ōe-jī(POJ), with varying modifications to suit Penang Hokkien phonology. The Hokkien Language Association of Penang (Persatuan Bahasa Hokkien Pulau Pinang; 庇能福建話協會) is one such organisation which promotes the language's usage and revitalisation. Through their Speak Hokkien Campaignthey promote a Tâi-lô based system modified to suit the...


    1. Unlike other dialects of Hokkien, coronal affricates and fricatives remain the same and do not become alveolo-palatalbefore /i/, e.g. 時 [si]. 2. The consonants ⟨f⟩, ⟨d⟩, ⟨r⟩ and ⟨sh⟩ are only used in loanwords.


    1. In the Tâi-lô system for Penang Hokkien, nasal vowels are indicated using final ⟨-nn⟩, while POJ uses superscript ⟨◌ⁿ⟩. Vowel nasalisation also occurs in words that have nasal initials (⟨m-⟩, ⟨n-⟩, ⟨ng-⟩), however, this is not indicated, e.g. 卵 nūi (/nuĩ/). For most speakers who are not aware of POJ or Tâi-lô, nasalisation is commonly indicated by putting an ⟨n⟩ after the initial consonant of a word. This is commonly seen for the popular Penang delicacy Tau Sar Pneah (豆沙餅 Tāu-sa-piánn). In...


    1. * Used in loanwords, variants and onomatopoeia

    Hokkien has not been taught in schools in Penang since the establishment of the Republic of China in 1911, when Mandarin was made the Chinese national language. As such, few if any people have received any formal instruction in Hokkien, and it is not used for literary purposes. However, as in other variants of Min Nan, most words have both literary and colloquial pronunciations, and the literary pronunciations still appear in limited circumstances, e.g.: 1. in given names (but generally not surnames), e.g. 安 an rather than uann, 玉 gio̍k rather than ge̍k; 2. in a few surnames, e.g. 葉 ia̍p rather than hio̍h 3. in other proper names, e.g. 龍山堂 Liông-san-tông rather than Lêng-suann-tn̂g 4. in certain set phrases, e.g. 差不多 tsha-put-to rather than tshee-m̄-to, 見笑 kiàn-siàu rather than kìnn-tshiò Unlike in Taiwan and mainland China, the literary pronunciations of numbers higher than two are not used when giving telephone numbers, etc.; e.g. 二五四 jī-gōo-sì instead of jī-ngóo-sù. Literary vari...

    Although Penang Hokkien is based on the Zhangzhou dialect, which in many cases result from the influence of other Minnan dialects. 1. The use of Zhangzhou pronunciations such as 糜 muâi (Amoy: bê), 先生 sin-senn (Amoy: sian-sinn), etc.; 2. The use of Zhangzhou expressions such as 調羹 thâu-kiong (Amoy: 湯匙 thng-sî) 3. The adoption of pronunciations from Teochew: e.g. 我 uá (Zhangzhou: guá), 我儂 uang, 汝儂 luang, 伊儂 iang (Zhangzhou and Amoy: 阮 gún/guán, 恁 lín, 𪜶 (亻因) īn); 4. The adoption of Amoy and Quanzhou pronunciations like 歹勢 pháinn-sè (Zhangzhou: bái/pháinn-sì), 百 pah (Zhangzhou: peeh), etc. General pronunciation differences can be shown as below:

    Due to Penang's linguistic and ethnic diversity, Penang Hokkien is in close contact with many other languages and dialects which are drawn on heavily for loanwords.These include Malay, Teochew, Cantonese and English.

    In recent years, a number of movies that incorporate the use of Penang Hokkien have been filmed, as part of wider efforts to preserve the dialect's relevance. Among the more recent movies are The Journey, which became the highest-grossing Malaysian film in 2014, and You Mean the World to Me, the first movie to be filmed entirely in Penang Hokkien.

    Douglas, The Rev. Carstairs (1899) [1873]. Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy, with the Principal Variations of the Chang-chew and Chin-chew Dialects (2nd corre...
    de Gijzel, Luc (2009). English-Penang Hokkien Pocket Dictionary. George Town, Penang: Areca Books. ISBN 978-983-44646-0-8.
  9. Rowland Heights, California - Wikipedia › wiki › Rowland_Heights,_California
    • History
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    The Mexican land grant Rancho La Puente was granted by Governor Juan B. Alvarado to John Rowland in April 1842, totaling about 18,000 acres (7,284 ha). Three years later, Governor Pio Pico amended the grant, enlarging it to nearly 49,000 acres (19,830 ha) and adding William Workman as a co-owner. In 1868, after they received their federal land patent the prior year, Rowland and Workman divided Rancho La Puente, with Workman largely taking the western and central portions and Rowland the northern, southern and eastern sections, including what became most of Rowland Heights. The east section of Rowland Heights, between Nogales Street and Brea Canyon Road, falls within Rancho Rincon de la Brea. The ranch of Rowland's grandson, John A. Rowland III was behind the 99 Ranch Marketnear the corner of Gale Avenue and Nogales Street and the Rowland family owns part of that property today, leasing most of it for commercial use. A translation error briefly led to the city being known as "Robert'...

    Rowland Heights is located in Los Angeles County adjacent to Orange County. The census definition of the area was created by the Census Bureau for statistical purposes and may not precisely correspond to local understanding of the area with the same name. According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 13.1 square miles (34 km2). Rowland Heights is bordered by Hacienda Heights to the northwest, Diamond Bar to the east, Brea to the south, La Habra Heights to the southwest, and the City of Industryto the north.

    For statistical purposes, the United States Census Bureau has defined Rowland Heights as a 13.1 square miles (34 km2) census-designated place(CDP).

    Schabarum Regional Park

    Peter F. Schabarum, a Republican, represented the 49th district in the California State Assembly from 1967 to 1972. He was appointed to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in March 1972 by Gov. Ronald Reagan following the death of incumbent Frank G. Bonelli and elected to the position three months later in a hotly contested special election that pitted him against his former roommate and colleague Assemblyman William Campbell. Schabarum was re-elected in 1974, 1978, 1982 and 1986. He...

    Community library

    Los Angeles County Librarylocates the library branch. The library went under renovation in 2015 and reopened in 2018. The library interior has 14,000 square feet (1,300 m2) of space and has approximately 134,215 book titles, 260 magazine and newspaper subscriptions, 7,004 audio recordings and 5,798 video cassettes. The Library also has resources of ethnic and non-English (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese) materials, local history materials, telephone directories, pamphlets and m...

    The community is part of District 4 of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, represented by Supervisor Janice Hahn. In the California State Assembly, Rowland Heights is located in California's 55th State Assembly district, which is represented by Republican Phillip Chen. In the U.S. House of Representatives, it is located in California's 39th congressional district, which is represented by Republican Young Kim. The 39th is conservative and upper-middle and high class area, with 35 percent of the population identifying as Hispanic and the rest identifying as white or Asian. Specifically, Asians make up around 32 percent of the district. The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services operates the Pomona Health Center in Pomona, serving Rowland Heights. The high number of Asian business owners, as well as conservative-leaning individuals in Rowland Heights, makes it an area with relatively strong Republican support. In 2018, there are more voters in the district registered...

    Rowland Unified School District has four National Blue Ribbon Schools, 16 California Distinguished Schools, and more state Golden Bell awards than any other school district in the region. There are more than 16,000 students and 21 elementary and secondary schools in the district. The district serves Rowland Heights and small portions of the cities of Walnut, La Puente, City of Industry and West Covina. Students from other communities may attend Rowland Unified schools after obtaining a permit. High Schools 1. Rowland High SchoolGrades: 09 - 12 2. Nogales High School; Grades: 09 - 12 Alternative Schools 1. Santana High School 2. Rowland Unified Community Day School Students: 57; Grades: 07 - 12 3. Rowland Assistive Technology Academy Middle/Intermediate Schools 1. Alvarado Intermediate School 7-8 2. Giano Intermediate School 7-8 3. Rincon Intermediate School 7-8 (Closed, but now Telesis Academy) Private schools 1. Oxford School7-12 2. Southlands Christian Schools; Preschool-12 Colleg...

    Pathfinder Road, Colima Road, and Gale Avenue/Walnut Drive are the main west-east arterials. Nogales Street, Fairway Drive/Brea Canyon Cut-off Road, and Fullerton Road/Harbor Boulevardare the main north-south arterials. Foothill Transit and the Metro provide bus transit services throughout the San Gabriel Valley. The main Metro Bus Terminal is in El Monte. In addition, the Metrolink commuter train runs west towards Downtown Los Angeles and east to San Bernardino through the Valley;the station that serves Rowland Heights is Industry station. Metro may possibly extend the Metro Expo Line to Rowland Heights in the second half of the 21st century in the future. The San Gabriel Valley is served by several major interstate highways. Those in proximity to Rowland Heights include the San Bernardino Freeway (Interstate 10), Foothill Freeway (I-210), San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605), and the Long Beach Freeway (I-710). State freeways include the Orange Freeway (State Route 57), the Pomona Fr...

    Lanhee Chen (1995) - Policy Director of the Mitt Romney presidential campaign, 2012 and Romney's chief policy adviser; Senior Adviser of the Marco Rubio presidential campaign, 2016; member of the U...

  10. Zhongshan District, Taipei - Wikipedia › wiki › Zhongshan_District,_Taipei
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    In the 1970s, the district was recognized as the center of the city's tourist industry, with large hotels and international restaurants. The interest from tourists allowed the district to develop as a center of international business. In recent decades, the district's economy and its population have both contracted, due in part to the decentralisation of industrial and manufacturing activities. Parts of Taipei's "financial core" (that once centred on the Zhongshan District) have been moved to other districts. Between 1991 and 1996, the district lost 2,600 jobs while the rest of Taipei experienced increased jobs growth (120,000 jobs in the same period). Between 1991 and 1999, the district's population decreased by more than 21,000, accounting for 27.6% of Taipei's total population decrease during that period. According to some economists, the decrease in population and jobs allowed an informal sex industryto thrive in the district leading to an increased crime rate. Tatung Company, P...

    The district features many recreational areas which include Rongxing Garden Park, Xinsheng Park, Yingfeng Riverside Park, Meiti Riverside Park, Zhongshan Fine Arts Park, Dajia Riverside Parkand Taipei Municipal Children's Recreation Area. Historical buildings and museums include Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum, Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, Museum of Jade Art, Suho Memorial Paper Museum and Taipei Film House. The National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine is located in the district, dedicated to those who died trying to turn China into a republic. The district also has a Fine Arts Museum and the Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum. Another major tourist attraction is the Xingtian Temple (行天宮), which is dedicated to Guan Gong, the Martial God of Loyalty and Righteousness. Nearby the Yuanshan Metro Station is the Zhongshan Soccer Stadium, which was built on land that used to be the headquarters of the US military presence on Taiwan when the US still had diplomatic ties with the R...

    The northernmost part of Zhongshan District is known as Dazhi[zh]. The former ROC President Chiang Ching-kuo lived here at the Seven Seas Residence. In this region, there is also the Dominican International School, which is a private English language Catholic schoolserving kindergarten to high school. Taipei's equivalent to "Little Manila" lies in the Zhongshan District in the region near St. Christopher's (Catholic) Church. Every Sunday, many Filipino domestic workersand laborers attend mass at the church and relax around the surrounding Filipino grocery stores and eateries. The Zhongshan District is also home to a number of wedding photo shops particularly along the 2nd and 3rd sections of Zhongshan North Road. Access to this district by transit is very convenient with 6 Taipei Metro stations (2 on the Wenshan Line and 4 on the Tamsui Line). Also a number of new stations are under construction as part of Phase 2 of the Taipei Metro expansion plan. Like the rest of Taipei City, Zho...

    On a historical note, Zhongshan North Road, which crosses the district, was often used by Chiang Kai-shek to get to his home in Shilin. All traffic was stopped when this occurred, as everybody had to salute the leader. Military police during martial law often lined the street, as this road was used by numerous political and military leaders, some of whom stayed at the Grand Hotelin Yuanshan. Zhongshan Road, along with Zhongxiao Road(which runs west to east), denote the compass directions of roads in Taipei City. For instance, when Zhongshan South Rd intersects with Zhongxiao Road, it becomes Zhongshan North Road. Similarly, When Zhongxiao West Road intersects with Zhongshan Road, it becomes Zhongxiao East Road. This methodology can be applied for most roads in Taipei City. Zhongshan District is served by the following stations of the Taipei Metro: 1. Zhongshan Junior High School metro station 2. Dazhi metro station 3. Jiannan Road metro station 4. Shuanglian metro station 5. Yuansha...

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