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  1. Hans Zhang - Wikipedia

    Hans Zhang Han (simplified Chinese: 张翰; traditional Chinese: 張翰; pinyin: Zhāng Hàn, born 6 October 1984) is a Chinese actor, singer and host.He graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2007. Zhang is best known for his roles in Meteor ...

  2. Zhang Jiying - Wikipedia

    Zhang Han(Chinese: 張翰), Courtesy name Jiying(季鷹), was a Chinese statesman of late three kingdom period and Jin Dynasty.He was best known for his literary works and an incident related to roughskin sculpin.Some of Zhang's works were ...

  3. List of people of the Three Kingdoms (Z) - Wikipedia

    張翰 General Jin dynasty Zhang Hao 張顥 Changshan'guo (Yuanshi County, Hebei) Politician Han dynasty Zhang He 張郃 Junyi 儁乂 231 Mo County, Hejian (North of Renqiu, Hebei) General Cao Wei Han Fu, Yuan Shao Sanguozhi vol. 17. Zhang Heng 張橫 ...

  4. Someday Or One Day - Wikipedia
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    The plot involves a 27-year-old woman Huang Yu-Xuan (Ko Chia-yen), who longs to be able to see her deceased boyfriend Wang Quan-Sheng (Greg Hsu), who had died in an airplane accident. She misses him deeply and frequently sends him text messages, hoping that he will somehow be able to see. One day, Huang Yu-Xuan receives a mysterious parcel containing an old-school Walkman portable cassette player and a cassette tape of Wu Bai's album The End of Love. While heading home on a bus, she falls asleep as she listens to Last Dance through the cassette tape on the Walkman. Suddenly, the song brings her to 1998, taking over the body of a high school girl named Chen Yun-Ru, a girl who looks exactly like herself. The previous night, Chen Yun-Ru had been hit by a car. Huang Yu-Xuan regains consciousness—in Yun-Ru's body—and sees a boy beside her hospital bed, who looks exactly the same as her late boyfriend. At first, she believes she has finally been reunited with her beloved Wang Quan-Sheng,...

    Main cast

    1. Ke Jia-yan as Huang Yu-Xuan(黃雨萱)/Chen Yun-Ru(陳韻如) 2. Greg Hsu as Wang Quan-Sheng(王詮勝)/Li Zi-Wei(李子維) 3. Patrick Shih as Mo Jun-Jie(莫俊傑)

    Other cast

    1. Yu-Lin Yen(顏毓麟) as Xie Zong-Ru(謝宗儒)/Xie Zhi-Qi(謝芝齊) 2. Yen Yi-Wen(嚴藝文) as Wu Ying-Chan(吳瑛嬋) 3. Da-her Lin(林鶴軒) as Chen Si-Yuan(陳思源) 4. Chang Han(張翰) as Wu Wen-Lei(吳文磊) 5. Guo Wen-Yi(郭文頤) as Kombu(昆布) 6. Da-Fei(大飛) as Ah-Cai(陳財裕/阿財) 7. Zhang Guang-Chen(章廣辰) as Ah-Tuo(阿脫) 8. Lin Zi-Shan(林子珊) as Xiao Dai(小黛)

    Special appearance

    1. Zhang Jiahui(張家慧) as Sister Na(娜姐) 2. Zeng Zhi-Qiao as Ms. Sunny(Sunny老師) 3. Dewi Qienas Vicky 4. Prince Chiu as Yan Li-Zheng(顏力正) 5. Bokeh Kosangas Instructor 6. Erato Liang(梁洳瑄) as Cai Wen-Rou(蔡雯柔) 7. Yang Qiao-Shuo(楊翹碩) as Zhang Qi-En(張奇恩) 8. Ahan(阿翰) as Lin-Yue(澟月) 9. Ma Hui-zhen(馬惠珍) as Grandma Mo(莫奶奶) 10. Any.C(Any安偉) as Ah-Nan(阿南) 11. Zhu Zhi-Ying(朱芷瑩) as Yang Bi-Yun(楊碧雲) 12. Simon Lian as Ah-Zhe(阿哲) 13. Alien Huang as Du Qi-Min(杜齊閔)

    On 23 February 2019, the press conference of the drama was held. In addition, a campus premiere was held on 27 September of the same year, with first published of the 3-minute of international edition trailer. The preview screening of the drama was held on 5 November of the same year, a number of media and artist friends were invited, and the 40-minute of footage was broadcast live.The press conference of the premiere was held on 15 November the same year, and the 17-minute version of the trailer was released for the first time. The live interactions with audiences were held at drama's community site before and after each weekly episodes that broadcast on CTV. The finale was originally selected to be watched with the audience together with the actors in the cinema, however it was canceled due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and the live broadcast was changed to broadcast proceed on Taiwanese Yahoo. On 15 April 2020, a post-credits scene concert was held by the TME Live, named "W...

    The Someday or One Day Original TV Soundtrack (OST) (想見你 電視原聲帶) was released on May 6, 2020 by various artists, and was published by Rock Records. The songs within are tailored to the drama and interspersed in the drama with many Chinese popular songs from the 1990s, which fit the mood of the protagonists and also evokes the memories of their youth for many fans. In order to obtain music authorization, the Three Phoenixes Production contacted several record companies, and finally decided to cooperate with Rolling Stone Records because they had many classic songs from the 1990s. Rock Records also especially tailored five songs for the drama. Producer Chen Zhi-Han said that, compared to the Chinese title, she prefers the English title with "Someday or One Day" more. At the first production meeting of the TV soundtrack, Chen proposed the idea for the theme song to be in English. The song was also named "Someday or One Day". She felt the title of the song fit the premise of time-travel,...

    The story is divided between 1998 and 2019, where the multiple timelines are interspersed. The overall plot is a loop of interlocking loops as the chart followings: 1. Note: The last name in the picture above is the abbreviation of those role's full name, which refers to the full name below: 1.1. Li refers to LI ZiWei(Chinese: 李子維). 1.2. Chen refers to CHEN YunRu(Chinese: 陳韻如). 1.3. Mo refers to MO JunJie(Chinese: 莫俊傑). 1.4. Huang refers to HUANG YuXuan(Chinese: 黃雨萱). 1.5. Wang refers to WANG QuanSheng(Chinese: 王詮勝).

    The reaction of the drama was flat at first, but there was gradually climbed with the rhythm of the plot reverses constantly, the audiences were started to lead a highly discussion at the PTT, and the rating had also risen steadily. The first broadcast ratings of CTV ranks first among the four wireless channels in the same period. Satellite TV Chinese Channel, which is re-broadcast at the following week, it also set a new record of high ratings for 11 years in their same air-time period. The finale was broadcast on 16 February 2020, with an average rating of 2.35 for people who over the age of 4, and a total of 73.5 million viewers nationwide, including the rating of 3.23 among audience aged 22 to 44, and female aged 25 to 39 was regarded as 4.65; The highest point of viewing was the scene at the end, where Li was riding motorcycle with little Huang, and later transformed into the adult Huang. The ratings had reached 2.46; The rating of the finale from various channels has reached a...

  5. Gulnazar - Wikipedia
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    Gulnazar was born on 2 May 1992 in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China. She attended Xinjiang Arts University, majoring in dancing when she was young. At the age of 16, she participated in a modeling contest where she took home the award for the "Most Photogenic". Gulnazar auditioned for the Beijing Film Academy in 2011. During the audition, her beauty received attention and her photos were taken and published online. Due to the exposure, she was discovered and signed on by Tangren Media.

    In 2012, Gulnazar made her acting debut in the television series Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Skyand rose to fame for her role as Yu Xiaoxue. In 2013, Gulnazar made her big-screen debut in the police film Police Story 2013.She then starred in comedy film The Breakup Guru and action film Black & White: The Dawn of Justice, and received the Newcomer award at the Golden Phoenix Awards. In 2016, Gulnazar played her first leading role in the fantasy historical drama The Classic of Mountains and Seas. The same year, she played the role of Diaochan in the historical fiction drama God of War, Zhao Yun; and the female lead in the fantasy action drama Chinese Paladin 5, based on the video game of the same title. In 2017, Gulnazar starred in the fantasy action drama Fighter of the Destiny alongside Lu Han. The drama was a commercial success and attained high ratings during its run.[citation needed] The same year, she starred in the music film City of Rock as a rebellious guitar player. Her perform...

    On August 9, 2015, Hans Zhang announced on Weibo that he had a public affair with Gulnazar during their collaboration of the TV series The Classic of Mountains and Seas. On December 25, 2017, the studios of Hans Zhang and Gulnazar both issued a statement stating that the two broke up amicably in mid-October 2017.


    In 2018, the jewelry brand Qeelinchose Gulnazar to become its ambassador. In 2019, Sergio Rossiannounced the appointment of Gulnazar as its first Brand Ambassador for Greater China.

    Gulnazar on Sina Weibo (in Chinese)
    Gulnazar at IMDb
    Gulnazar on Instagram
  6. A Hint of You - Wikipedia
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    Xia Qing You works as a cook at her small family owned seafood restaurant that was started by her late father. She is unaware that the dishes she creates are subpar, until Fu Zai Yu dines at her restaurant one evening and harshly criticizes her cooking. Not taking his comments well, she, her family and regular patrons at the restaurant out number Zai Yu in his argument. One day a VIP customer who was a regular patron of her father reserves the entire restaurant and pays top dollars to taste a lobster dish he had eaten when her dad was running the restaurant. After tasting Qing You's dishes he is not happy and starts comparing her father's cooking to hers, he also tells her that her level of cooking will eventually put the restaurant out of business. After finding out that her father was once a chef at the high end Hana Japanese Restaurant, she decides to dine there to have a taste of their food. At Hana she runs into Zai Yu, who is the head chef at the restaurant. He cooks her his s...


    1. Michael Zhang[zh]張勛傑 as Fu Zai Yu 傅在宇 - Male age 30 2. Nana Lee李千娜 as Xia Qing You 夏青柚 - Female age 27 3. Danson Tang唐禹哲 as Du Huai An 杜懷安 - Male age 26 4. Demi Yin[zh]茵芙 as Xia Yi Huan 夏以歡 - Female age 25 5. Jay Shihas Sun Tian Hao 孫天皓 - Male age 27 6. Cindy Song[zh]宋紀妍 as Song Yu Xin 宋玉欣 - Female age 26 7. Hans Zhang張翰 as Lu Zhen Ya 陸振雅 - Male age 38

    A Hint of You Original TV Soundtrack (OST)(美味的想念 電視原聲帶) was released on June 21, 2013 by various artists under Avex Taiwan Inc. record label. It contains 14 tracks total, in which 6 tracks are instrumental versions of the original songs. The opening theme is track 2 "A Hint of You 美味的想念 " by Danson Tang, while the closing theme is track 1 "Shouldn't Be Brave 不應該勇敢" by Soo Wincci.

    Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were: 1. CTV - Legend of The God of Doctor Xi Lai Le[zh], Chinese Detective[zh], Mu Guiying Command[zh], Three Kingdoms

    The 2013 Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony were held on December 28, 2013 at Sanlih's headquarters and broadcasting studios at No. 159, Section 1, Jiuzong Rd, Neihu District Taipei City, Taiwan.[citation needed]

  7. Janine Chang - Wikipedia

    Janine Chang Chun-ning (Chinese: 張鈞甯; pinyin: Zhāng Jūnníng; born 4 September 1982) is a Taiwanese actress.[1][2] Chang attended National Taipei University and obtained a bachelor's degree in law. In June 2010, Chang graduated from the ...

  8. The Little Prince - Wikipedia

    The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince, pronounced [lə p(ə)ti pʁɛ s]) is a novella by French aristocrat, writer, and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.It was first published in English and French in the US by Reynal & Hitchcock in April ...

  9. V-Focus - Wikipedia
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    They are enemies in their professional lives. Chiang Chih Heng (Melvin Sia) is a former mercenary who now is known as “The Bodyguard.” He is the owner of Krisis, a security consultancy company that protects public figures who are chased by the paparazzi. Ting Ruo Chin (Huang Wei Ting) is nicknamed the “Variety Queen” for her dogged ability to chase down celebrity gossip exclusives as a tabloid journalist for “V-Focus.” On their way to a news event, Chih Heng and Ruo Chin become stranded on a desert island together. What will become of these professional enemies?

    Main cast

    1. Melvin Sia 謝佳見 as Jiang Zhi Heng 姜至衡 1.1. ?? as young Zhi Heng 2. Ling Hung 洪小鈴 as Zhou Xin Yi 周心儀 2.1. ?? as young Xin Yi 3. Huang Wei Ting黃薇渟 as Ding Ruo Qin 丁若芹 4. Yorke Sun 孫沁岳 as Ke Guo Long 柯國隆 4.1. Qiu Chen En 邱辰恩 as young Guo Long

    Supporting cast

    1. Angela Lee李佳豫 as Jiang Wen Li 蔣文莉 2. Hao-Hsuan Hsu徐浩軒 as Huang Zi Kai 黃子凱 3. Tannie Huang黃妤榛 as Cai Pei Zhen 蔡佩真 (Ella) 4. Huang Zheng Hao 黃政浩 as Gao Chao Qun 高超群 5. Ryan Kuo郭鑫 as Liu Ming Lei 劉明磊 6. William Yang楊永維 as Eagle 7. Hank Wang王淮仲 as Zhao Jia Rui 趙家銳 8. Lin Jun Yong林埈永 as Marten 9. Chen Xun陳勳 as Condor


    1. Jerry Huang黃志瑋 as Wu Jian Ye 吳建業 2. Amanda Liu劉紀範 as reporter 3. Pei Pei佩佩 as Yang Fen Fen 楊芬芬 4. Stephenie Lim林美貞 as Bai Jia Qi 白佳琪 5. Jacko Chiang蔣偉文 as He Cheng Zhang 賀成章 6. Chang Han張翰 as Wang Qing Hua 王清華 7. Alina Fang Ting Alina 芳婷 as Xiao Jie 小潔 8. Hank Wu吳仲強 as Li Bing Huang 李秉皇 9. Brian Pien邊權 as Daniel 10. Michael Tao陶傳正 as Wen Li’s father 11. David Chiu邱昊奇 as Li Pin Yi 李品逸 12. Yang Yu Qi 楊煜奇 as priest 13. Wei Yi惟毅 as Wang Chong Guang 王崇光 14. Fu Lei 傅雷 as Zhou Tie Xiong 周鐵雄 15. L...

    V-Focus Original TV Soundtrack (OST)(獨家保鑣 原聲帶) was released on December 30, 2016 by various artists under Rock Records. It contains 10 tracks total, in which 8 songs are various instrumental versions of the songs. The opening theme is track 1 "Roll Your Eyes 翻白眼" by 831 八三夭, while the closing theme is track 2 "Passing Smile 微笑帶過" by Shi Shi 孫盛希.

    Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were: 1. SET Taiwan - Taste of Life 2. FTV - Spring Flower 3. TTV - Fighting Meiling, All in 700 4. CTV - The Age of Innocence, Let It Fly 5. CTS - W

  10. Conquest of Wu by Jin - Wikipedia
    • Background
    • Prelude
    • Strategic Planning
    • The Campaign
    • Aftermath
    • Order of Battle
    • in Romance of The Three Kingdoms
    • References

    As early as 262, Sima Zhao, a regent of the Cao Wei state in the Three Kingdoms period, had already planned the first outline for the conquest of Wei's rival states, Eastern Wu and Shu Han, by eliminating Shu first, then take on Wu three years later. However, the conquest of Shu in the following year severely strained Wei's resources and Wei desperately needed time to recover. Compounding the problem, Wei lacked an adequate naval force required for the campaign on Wu. Sima Zhao therefore postponed the planned conquest of Wu and started to consolidate power in Wei first. In 265, Sima Zhao died and was succeeded by his son, Sima Yan (Emperor Wu). In the same year, Sima Yan usurped the throne from the last Wei emperor Cao Huan and established the Jin dynasty (265–420)with himself as the emperor. After this event, only Eastern Wu was left of the three major powers in the Three Kingdoms period. In comparison with Wei and the subsequent Jin dynasty, Eastern Wu experienced greater problems...

    To stabilise the newly conquered state of Shu, as well as showing benevolence towards the people of Wu so that they would defect or surrender to the Jin dynasty, Emperor Wu of Jin enfeoffed the former Shu emperor Liu Shan as a duke and awarded marquis titles to over 50 former Shu officials. Zhuge Liang's grandson, Zhuge Jing (諸葛京), also received important appointments in the Jin government. At the same time, Emperor Wu sent envoys to Eastern Wu to cease hostilities between the two states, in order to buy time for making preparations. Eastern Wu's emperor Sun Hao, in turn, viewed such actions as a sign of weakness of the Jin dynasty, and further let down his guard.

    In 279, Wang Jun thought that it was time to launch the decisive attack on Wu. However, the majority of officials in the imperial court strongly objected to launching an invasion, except Du Yu and Zhang Hua, who strongly supported Wang Jun's idea. The two of them managed to convince Emperor Wu to agree with them, and the strategy of Jin was basically the one planned by Yang Huwhen he was still alive. 200,000 troops out of the 500,000 strong regular army were deployed for the campaign, and by this time, the Jin navy was also at least on par with the Eastern Wu navy.

    Battles at the upstream of the Yangtze River

    Wang Jun's navy began its downstream Yangtze River attack in December 279 after being joined by his deputy, Tang Bin (唐彬) in charge of Badong Commandery (巴東郡; present-day Fengjie County, Chongqing). The combined force totalled 70,000. A month later, Du Yu begun his attack on Jiangling County from Xiangyang and sent three of his advisers – Fan Xian (樊顯), Yin Lin (尹林) Deng Gui (鄧圭) – along with Zhou Qi (周奇), the Administrator of Xiangyang, westward along the Yangtze River to join Wang Jun in at...

    Redeployment of Jin forces

    On 4 April 280, Emperor Wu strengthened the main force under Wang Jun's command by redeploying troops under other commanders: 1. Du Yu to attack southward to take Lingling (零陵; present-day Yongzhou, Hunan), Guiyang (桂陽; present-day Chenzhou, Hunan), and Hengyang (衡陽; west of present-day Xiangtan, Hunan), and 10,000 troops under Du Yu's command would be reassigned to Wang Jun, and another 7,000 troops under Du Yu's command would be reassigned to Wang Jun's deputy, Tang Bin (唐彬). 2. Hu Fen (胡奮)...

    Battles midstream and downstream of the Yangtze River

    At the midstream and downstream of the Yangtze River, starting in mid February 280, Wang Hun (王渾) conquered Wu's territories of Xunyang (尋陽; southwest of present-day Huangmei County, Hubei), Gaowang (高望; southwest of present-day Pu County 浦縣), and Laixiang (賴鄉), capturing the Wu general Zhou Xing (周興). Sima Zhoutook Tuzhong (涂中) and sent his subordinate Liu Hong (劉弘) to solidify the newly captured territory on the northern shore of the Yangtze River. Meanwhile, Sima Zhou sent Wang Heng (王恆) t...

    The fall of Jianye marked the end of Wu and the Three Kingdoms period, and China was unified again under the Jin dynasty. The Jin commanders who participated in the campaign were handsomely rewarded, and ironically, Jia Chong, the overall commander who had opposed the campaign received the largest reward, the tax income of 8,000 households. Wang Hun was furious upon learning the news of Wang Jun taking Jianye, and angrily proclaimed to his subordinates that he had watched Sun Hao for nearly a hundred days, but Wang Jun took the advantage at last. Wang Hun wrote to the imperial court to complain, claiming that Wang Jun disobeyed orders and embezzled the spoils of war. Wang Jun also wrote to the imperial court to defend himself, claiming that what Wang Hun had said was slander. However, Wang Hun was much more powerful and influential in the Jin court, thus had gained an upper hand, with his followers suggesting that Wang Jun be jailed. In the end, Emperor Wu put an end to the conflict...

    To boost morale, some of the Jin commanders received new ranks, while in contrast, Wu did almost nothing to reinforce its own defense.

    In the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the task of building a navy for the Jin dynasty was credited to Zhong Hui before the fall of Shu, when Zhong Hui recommended to Sima Zhao that constructing a large navy to attack Wu was a diversion to trick Shu into letting down its guard, and when it was time to truly attack Wu after the conquest of Shu, the navy would be ready. In reality, however, the idea of constructing a large navy originated from Wang Jun and Emperor Wu, and the plan was set into motion only after the fall of Shu. In the novel, the last event before the campaign ended was described to be Zhang Xiang's surrender when he led a 10,000 strong navy to engage Jin forces. Since the Wu imperial court had not received news of Zhang Xiang's surrender yet, Wang Jun ordered Zhang Xiang to return to the Wu capital Jianye to trick the Wu defenders into opening the city gates. Zhang Xiang followed as instructed and Jin forces swiftly conquered Jianye. The W...

    Selected Examples of Battles in Ancient China(1st ed.). Beijing: Chinese Publishing House. 1984.
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