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  1. Xu Lin ( Chinese: 徐麟; pinyin: Xú Lín; born June 1963) is a Chinese politician, who is currently serving as the Communist Party secretary of Guizhou. Previously he served as director of the State Council Information Office and director of the National Radio and Television Administration.

  2. Biography. Yoshino Nanjō was raised in Shimizu, a ward in the city of Shizuoka. [4] Nanjō's music career began in 2009 when she replaced the singer Nao as the lead singer of the band fripSide. Her first song as a member of the band was "Only My Railgun", which was used as the opening theme to the anime television series A Certain ...

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    She is the eldest child of singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley (1968–2023) and musician Danny Keough, [5] and the eldest grandchild of Elvis Presley and actress and businesswoman Priscilla Presley. [6] Keough's father met her mother at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre and later played bass in Presley's band.

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    Kelly Tamsma Piquet Souto Maior [1] [2] (born 7 December 1988) is a Brazilian model, columnist, blogger and public relations professional . Life and career. Kelly Piquet was born in Homburg, Germany. She is the daughter of Nelson Piquet, Brazilian racing driver and three-time Formula One World Champion, and Sylvia Tamsma, a Dutch model. [3] .

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    Anime and manga portal. Sailor Moon ( Japanese: 美少女戦士セーラームーン, Hepburn: Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn, originally translated as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon [1] and later as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon [2] [3]) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.

  6. Machine Gun Kelly (musician) Colson Baker [2] (born April 22, 1990), known professionally as MGK (stylized mgk and formerly Machine Gun Kelly ), is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He is noted for his genre duality across alternative rock with hip hop .

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    Hermitage. In ancient Greek mythology and religion, Persephone ( / pərˈsɛfəniː / pər-SEF-ə-nee; Greek: Περσεφόνη, romanized :Persephónē ), also called Kore ( / ˈkɔːriː / KOR-ee; Greek: Κόρη, romanized :Kórē, lit. 'the maiden') or Cora, is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

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