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  1. 在 Minecraft 中,世界就在您腳下。. 這款方塊沙盒遊戲有很多玩法。. 無論您是想在黑夜中生存下去,還是創作藝術品,如何體驗遊戲取決於您自己!. 但要學習新遊戲的玩法,可能會讓人不知從何著手。. 為了協助您的遊戲旅程,我們提供了涵蓋 Minecraft 基本知識 ...

  2. 2023年6月5日 · 如何變更您在 Minecraft:Bedrock 版的角色外觀 在 Bedrock 版中變更角色外觀時,請先在開始畫面上選取「更衣間」,然後選取「創作角色」。 自此開始,有兩個選項可供您選擇:「角色」以及「經典外觀」。

  3. Shape Your World. Watch our new trailer! Minecraft has evolved so much over the past 15 years! We’ve added biomes, blocks, and new ways to enjoy our ever-expanding universe. But a lot has stayed the same. We’re still breaking and placing things, planning epic builds, and discovering our own Minecraft adventures.

  4. 2023年10月2日 · Block by Block. Building communities, hope, and common ground. Block by Block is one of our longest-running initiatives. Working with UN Habitat we use Minecraft to democratize the planning of public spaces and help neighborhood residents model their surroundings in a way that works for them.

  5. Minecraft 官方网站上探索新的游戏冒险、配件和商品。在此处购买并下载游戏,或查看网站以获取最新消息。 Get up to 50%* off Minecraft Dungeons 探索以经典游戏地牢爬行者为灵感来源的动作游戏,克服层层难关,5 月 15 日至 6 月 22 日期间最高可享 50

  6. Measures to improve your child’s Minecraft experience. We want Minecraft to be a safe place for everyone. That's why we've designed a suite of powerful parental controls, making sure that our youngest players can explore, create, and learn in a secure and age-appropriate environment.

  7. The Minecraft Launcher is your hub for accessing all of your favorite Minecraft games on PC. You can download new versions of Minecraft games, access multiplayer servers, manage your profile, get mod support, and more with Minecraft Launcher.