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  1. 2014年1月24日 · 最近學校已經放寒假了,緊接著年節也要來了,. 那麼過年期間想要玩的桌遊想好了嗎?. 是要趁此長假,把平常沒有機會玩的大型桌遊玩個痛快,. 還是要以推坑親人為主,準備一下小遊戲來玩一下呢?. 如果你的預定計畫是後者的話,. 今天要介紹的 ...

  2. Forbidden Island is a visually stunning cooperative board game. Instead of winning by competing with other players like most games, everyone must work together to win the game. Players take turns moving their pawns around the 'island', which is built by arranging the many beautifully screen-printed tiles before play begins.

  3. Nemesis Lockdown is the first stand alone expansion to Nemesis. During the game, players will be taken to a totally new location - a secret base on Mars, represented by a multi level board.

  4. Hive is a strategic game for two players that is not restricted by a board and can be played anywhere on any flat surface. Hive is made up of twenty two pieces, eleven black and eleven white, resembling a variety of creatures each with a unique way of moving.

  5. Tainted Grail: the Fall of Avalon is an unforgettable, solo or cooperative adventure experience for 1-4 players. Blending Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology with a unique vision, it allows you to impact the game world in deep and meaningful ways.

  6. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run. Admit it. You love it. This award-winning card game, designed by Steve Jackson, captures the essence of the dungeon experience... with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. And what magic items!

  7. Primal: the Awakening is a fully cooperative monster hunting miniature boardgame for 1-4 players set in a fantasy world where humans struggle to survive an untamed wilderness.