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  1. Hanyu Pinyin. Lǐ Xīngwén. Southern Min. Hokkien POJ. Lí Heng-bûn. Lee Hsing-wen ( Chinese: 李興文; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lí Heng-bûn; born 19 July 1967) is a Taiwanese actor. He is best known for portraying military men in films and TV dramas. [1] Lee's son Max is a YouTuber.

  2. Personal life Kuo is married with a son. His first marriage in 1995 lasted only 3 months. Former Mayor of Hsinchu City Lin Junq-tzer is his older cousin. In 2012, Kuo launched a claim for 460 million won in compensation against the Ramada Hotel and Suites Seoul in Namdaemun after he suffered hot water burns from a defective electric kettle which bottom part was already broken before he checked ...

    • Guo Ziqian, Kuo Tze-cheng, Guo Tzu-chien
    • March 14, 1964 (age 59), Puli, Nantou, Taiwan
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    1 (one, unit, unity) is a number representing a single or the only entity. 1 is also a numerical digit and represents a single unit of counting or measurement. For example, a line segment of unit length is a line segment of length 1. In conventions of sign where zero is considered neither positive nor negative, 1 is the first and smallest ...

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    0 (zero) is a number representing an empty quantity. Adding 0 to any number leaves that number unchanged. In mathematical terminology, 0 is the additive identity of the integers, rational numbers, real numbers, and complex numbers, as well as other algebraic structures. Multiplying any number by 0 has the result 0, and consequently, division ...

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    Kim Jong Un [c] [d] [e] ( English: / ˌkɪm dʒɒŋˈʊn, - ˈuːn /; [2] Korean: 김정은; born 8 January 1982, 1983 or 1984) [f] is a North Korean politician who has been supreme leader of North Korea since 2011 and the leader of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) since 2012. [g] He is the third son of Kim Jong Il, who was North Korea's ...

  7. "National monument" (Chinese: 國定古蹟; pinyin: Guódìng Gǔjī) is the highest designation possible given to historic sites in Taiwan, followed by municipal and county (city) monuments.The designations are outlined in the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act [], and monuments are preserved by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, a subdivision of the Executive Yuan.

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