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  1. FIRE TV. 停在放大鏡圖示以進入商店,輸入「Minecraft」並在出現下載更新選項時選取它。. 下載後,圖示將出現在主畫面分頁的「最近」下方。. 若要更新遊戲,請選取 Minecraft 後按下選單按鈕 (三條水平線) 並按一下「更多資訊」。. 在遊戲說明下將出現「更新 ...

  2. 您可以创建哪些 Minecraft Add-Ons? 探索 Minecraft 创作者可以制作的所有内容。使用 Minecraft Add-Ons 策划具有您风格的虚拟世界。了解如何自定义 Minecraft 皮肤、合并自定义材质包,并创造一个 Minecraft 世界,以您自己的方式畅游其中。

  3. Discover Minecraft Dungeons. An action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe. Battle iconic mobs, embark on treasure-stuffed missions, and collect legendary items – all in the Ultimate Edition. Learn all there is to know about Seasonal Adventures – Minecraft Dungeons’ new & free themed events!

  4. 辅助功能设置. 所有的 Minecraft 游戏都包含 辅助功能菜单 , 提供 让所有玩家畅享游戏的选项。. 以下选项适用于所有游戏。. 向下滚动以了解适用于每个游戏的具体 功能。. 辅助功能菜单导航和旁白 提供导航选项,包含键盘、触控、控制器工具以及可在玩游戏时 ...

  5. A creative platform like no other. Over 100 million people from across the world play Minecraft. As an official partner, you’ll get to sell your creations and share your imagination with an incredible audience. Craft content such as skin packs, maps, adventures, and textures, and release them on Minecraft Marketplace.

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    Migrate before September 19, 2023 to continue playing Minecraft. Mojang Account (Email) If your account was created after November 2012 or has been migrated to a Microsoft account, sign in with your email. Otherwise, sign in with your username. Password.

  7. 2022年6月30日 · Grab a Krabby Patty and start building! Anything SpongeBob-related is fair game, from your own block by block rendition of the Krusty Krab, a recreation of the arena where SpongeBob performed “Sweet Victory”, or maybe just a giant jellyfish! Be creative and surprise us! Is your submission the best in Bikini Bottom?

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