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  1. 2022年11月21日 · Ian Boudreau Published: Nov 21, 2022 Victoria 3 The Victoria 3 cheats and console commands will allow you to get to the good stuff in a hurry, if you don’t want to build up your Victorian nation...

    • Ian Boudreau
    • Eu4 Cheats and Console Commands
    • Eu4 Province ID and Country Tags
    • Eu4 Events

    Here’s a list of all the EU4 cheats: 1. fow– Removes the fog of war 2. die– Kills the current ruler 3. winwars– Get max warscore in all wars you are currently fighting 4. annex or integrate – Begin annexation/integration of a country. Can also work with ‘vassalize’, ‘protectorate’, and ‘form_union’ 5. add_claim – Add claim to a province. Can also u...

    Many console commands, like those mentioned above, require you to specifically target a province in order to apply the effect. If you want to use a command on a country that’s not your own, you’ll also need to specify which one. Not specifying means that the effect will default to the country you’re controlling. This means you’ll need the province ...

    Europa Universalis IV has plenty of events that can trigger, more so than the likes of Victoria 2 since it had far more DLC support than the older game. There are hundreds of events of varying types, and you can consult a more complete list here. Related: The best EU4 mods To use events, simply type ‘event’ into the console, followed by the event n...

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