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  1. 2 天前 · The 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship is a motor racing championship for Formula One cars, which is the 74th running of the Formula One World Championship. [a] It is recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body of international motorsport, as the highest class of competition for open-wheel racing cars.

  2. 1 天前 · In October 2021, Marvel Studios further adjusted The Marvels to February 17, 2023, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania to July 28, 2023, only to swap their release dates in April 2022, given Quantumania was further along in production than The Marvels.

  3. 1 天前 · This article records significant discoveries and events related to paleontology that occurred or were published in the year 2023.

  4. 1 天前 · The 2023 WTA Tour calendar comprises the Grand Slam tournaments (supervised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)), the WTA 1000 tournaments, the WTA 500 tournaments, the WTA 250 tournaments, the Billie Jean King Cup (organized by the ITF .

    • 29 December 2022 – November 2023
    • Belinda Bencic, Elena Rybakina, Aryna Sabalenka (3)
    • 53rd
  5. 1 天前 · The following notable deaths in the United States occurred in 2023. Names are reported under the date of death, in alphabetical order as set out in WP:NAMESORT .

  6. 1 天前 · The following is a list of albums, EPs, and mixtapes released in or scheduled for release in 2023. These albums are (1) original, i.e. excluding reissues , remasters , and compilations of previously released recordings, and (2) notable , defined as having received significant coverage from reliable sources independent of the subject.

  7. 1 天前 · 3 June – 2023 FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. Manchester City face Manchester United. 20 July – 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. England is to compete. 8 September – 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. England, Wales and

  8. 1 天前 · Ashkenazi Jews (/ ˌ ɑː ʃ k ə ˈ n ɑː z i, ˌ æ ʃ-/ AHSH-kə-NAH-zee, ASH-; Hebrew: י הו ד י א ש כ נ ז, romanized: Yehudei Ashkenaz, lit. 'Jews of Germania'; Yiddish: א שכ נזישע יי דן, romanized: Ashkenazishe Yidn), also known as Ashkenazic Jews or Ashkenazim, are a Jewish diaspora population who formed in the Holy Roman Empire around the end of the first ...

  9. 1 天前 · This is a list of earthquakes in 2023. Only earthquakes of magnitude 6 or above are included, unless they result in significant damage and/or casualties. All dates are listed according to UTC time. The maximum intensities are based on the Modified Mercalli intensity scale. Earthquake magnitudes are based on data from the USGS .

  10. 3 天前 · This is a list of individuals serving in the United States House of Representatives (as of March 7, 2023, the 118th Congress ). [1] The membership of the House comprises 435 seats for representatives from the 50 states, apportioned by population, as well as 6 seats for non-voting delegates from U. S. territories and the District of ...

  11. 2023年5月21日 · 2023 European Weightlifting Championships. 2023 European Weightlifting Championships. Venue. Karen Demirchyan Complex. Location. Yerevan, Armenia. Dates. 15–23 April. Competitors.

  12. 2 天前 · 2023 MotoGP World Championship. Francesco Bagnaia is the defending champion and the current Riders' Championship leader. The 2023 FIM MotoGP World Championship is the premier class of the 75th F.I.M. Road Racing World Championship season.

  13. 1 天前 · The 2023 Southeast Asian Games ( Khmer: ការប្រកួតកីឡាប្រជាជាតិអាស៊ីអាគ្នេយ៍២០២៣, UNGEGN: Karôprâkuŏt Keila Prâchéachéatĕ Asi Akné 2023 ), also known as the 32nd Southeast Asian Games, or the 32nd SEA Games, and commonly known as Cambodia 2023, was the 32nd edition of the Southeast Asian Games, a biennial sports multi-sport event which was held f...

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